FAQ’s – Franke's Instant Boiling Water Taps

FAQ’s – Franke's Instant Boiling Water Taps

franke boiling water taps

Frequently Asked Questions – Franke's Instant Boiling Water Taps

Q - Is the water from Omni or Minerva 100°C?

A - Yes, it is true because the water is stored in the heating tanks under the pressure at 108°C and is boiling (100°C) at the time of leaving the spout for Minerva.

The boiler of Omni stores water at 105°C to ensure that the water is truly boiling at 100°C at the time when it leaves the tap’s spout. Many of the hot water taps usually described as ‘near-boiling’ or ‘kettle hot’ do not dispense boiling water at 100°C so you should double-check the technical specification of hot water taps before purchase.

Q - Can an existing tap be replaced with Omni tap or Minerva?

A - Yes, it is possible because the Omni and Minerva fit in a standard 35mm tap hole so they can be retrofitted to replace an existing tap.

Q - Is there any need to pay for a separate taphole cut in granite worktop to install the Omni or Minerva tap?

A - No, the Omni taps and Minerva can be installed in a standard 35mm diameter tap hole.

Q - Is the use of kettle still needed?

A - No, Using a kettle is just a thing of past and you will wonder how you ever managed without Minerva or an Omni instant boiling water tap.

Q - Is it possible to position the boiling water lever to suit right or left-handed operation?

A - The Omni tap models, Minerva Irena and Minerva Mondial can be installed with the boiling water handle either to the right or to the left side. It is recommended you position the spout opposite to the boiling water control while operating and keep in mind the position of sink bowl whether you are right or left-handed. On either side of the tap body, there is a Franke logo positioned and there is a no grub screw.

The Minerva Mondial and Minerva Helix should be fitted with the boiling water handle on the left.

Q - What safety functions do the Omni taps and Minerva have?

A - In Minerva 3-in-1 tap, there is a safety button fitted in the boiling water which should be activated for operating the boiling water function. When you will release this button, the handle will be automatically closed and the supply of water will be shut off. While operating the boiling water function, sensible precautions should be taken.

There are 3 safety functions on the lever in Omni 4-in-1 tap which operate the boiling water:

  1. A red lever locking clip prevents the boiling water lever from being used.
  2. The lever interlock is spring-loaded which should be pushed down and held in position before it can be operated.
  3. Spring-loaded automatic shut-off: On the releasing of the handle it will shut off the boiling water by spring back automatically.

Q - I want to know the function of the filter cartridge supplied with the system?

A - The primary function of the Franke 07 filter which is supplied with the Minerva System is to remove chlorine to improve the odour and taste of the boiling water and to protect the heating tank from building up limescale deposits.

The Franke 08 filter cartridge which is supplied with the Omni system performs two jobs: protecting the boiler and providing high-quality drinking water. The Franke 08 filter cartridge removes the range of unwanted chemical contaminants, sediment, and chlorine. It protects the boiler from the effects of corrosion and limescale.

Q -When will the filter cartridge need replacing?

A - After every six months, the Franke 07 filter cartridge supplied with the Minerva system should be replaced to maintain the warranty. The routine replacement of the filter cartridge is also important especially in hard water areas to prevent the damage of heat tank, tap and to prevent limescale forming.

  • To ensure consistent performance and to maintain the warranty, the Omni’s Franke 08 should also be replaced after every six months.
  • The Omni tap has a cartridge change indicator. It flashes and illuminates red to indicate the time to change the cartridge. This system requires 2 x AA batteries.
  • The Franke 08 filter cartridge is formulated to perform two jobs: to protect the boiler and to provide high-quality drinking water. It removes the range of unwanted chemical contaminants, chlorine, and sediment.
  • Only genuine Franke filter cartridges should be used otherwise your Omni or Minerva warranty will be voided.

Q - How much space is needed to install a Minerva or Omni System?

A - Minerva system can fit easily inside a standard kitchen cabinet due to its compact design and dimensions of 550mm x 211mm x 142mm high. The heating tank can be installed effortlessly behind the plinth of the cabinet where space is at its premium but you should keep it in mind that it is necessary to provide convenient access to operating the tank reset button.

The Omni filter system and boiler can fit effortlessly into a standard kitchen unit. The boiler has dimensions of 352mm high x 182mm wide x 233 deep. The filter housing is attached to the side of the kitchen cupboard. There is an additional 80mm clearance should also be allowed above the top of the boiler for multiple hose connections. At extra cost, longer hoses are also available.

Q - What electrical supply is needed to power the system?

A - The Omni boiler and Minerva boiler are designed to connect a standard domestic 220/230 volt 13 amp supply and they have come with a power lead for plugging into a standard 13amp wall socket.

Q - What are the maximum and minimum water pressures?

A - To operate correctly, the Minerva heating tank requires both cold and hot mains water pressure to be minimum 1.5bar (23psi) and maximum 5bar (75psi). The water pressure should not be exceeded by 5bar (75psi) or the pressure relief valve dispense cold water or bypass. It is recommended you get the services of a professional plumber to measure the water pressure at a low demand period. The cold and hot supply should be equal.

The cold and hot water pressure for Omni should be between 1.5bar (23psi) 5 bar (75psi).

If the water pressure is above of 5bar then to the heating tank there should be an installation of Pressure Reducing Valve in the water supply. You can purchase a suitable pressure reducing valve from any plumbers merchant.

Please engage a qualified plumber if you are unsure about the water pressure.

Q - Does the Omni system compatible with gravity-fed plumbing systems?

A - Omni requires a minimum water pressure of 1.5bar (23psi) for satisfactory performance. It can work on gravity fed hot water system but you will not be happy with the flow. In the case of low pressure of hot pressure, it is recommended you to install a suitable booster bump.

Q - How long would it take to recover the boiler if all the boiling water is being used?

A - 47 cups of 100°C boiling water will be dispensed in one hour by Minerva tap and will take 15 minutes to recover from empty. After drawing off approximately 8 cups of boiling water, Omni will take 10 minutes to recover.

Q - Is Omni or Minerva cheaper to operate than normal kettle?

A - Boiling of the kettle is a waste of time and water but the Minerva 3-in-1 tap is effectively insulated and there is no waste of boiling water in this system which simply means less energy is used and there will be savings in electricity and water.

  1. Output per day (Watt): 15.6
  2. Output per year (KWH): 136.7
  3. Total usage (KWH): (equiv. 1.551 per day): 59
  4. Total cost (KWH=0.215): € 42.07
  5. Total usage (KWH):195.7

The Omni 4-in-1 tap is constructed with high-tech and so it is highly energy-efficient and consumes very less power. If you will leave the Omni on standby for 24 hours it will cost just 2.3 pence (based on the tariff of 14p/kWh). If you get the water equivalent of 10 mugs (300ml a mug) of boiling water a day, you’ll just have to pay 10 pence in total.

Franke Omni 4in1 Instant Hot Cold Water Tap

Franke Omni is the world's first mechanical 4-in-1 kitchen mixer tap, offering filtered cold and 100°C boiling water, as well as the usual mains hot and cold. Omni delivers pure, fresh-tasting water, so no need for expensive bottled water. Omni 4-in-1 tap is relatively easy to fit in a new or existing kitchen, safe to use, ultra-reliable with a 3-year guarantee.

Q - Before filling the tank with water and tripped the safety override I have plugged in the Minerva tank and switched on the power supply; what should I do now?

A - A safety device is attached to the Minerva tank which will shut-off the boiling water if you switch on the tank without water or there is a power surge. You can restore the hot water flow by operating a reset button which is located on the front of the rank behind a white plastic cover.

You should disconnect the electrical power supply of the Minerva tank. To check the tank is full of water or not, operate the boiling water handle. A small screwdriver can also be used to remove the white cover to reveal the button in the recess. Firmly press the button by using the flat end of the pencil until you hear a click to reset the tank and then replace the white cover.

Before using the water tank, switch on the power supply and allow 20 minutes to reheat.

Q - How do you operate the Omni filtered boiling water and filtered cold water?

A - Operating the Omni filtered cold water and filtered boiling water couldn’t be easier. You need to depress the lever, hold it down and rotate the lever in opposition to the spring pressure to dispense the boiling water.

There is no need to depress the lever, just rotate it in the opposite direction to dispense the cold filtered water. The patented design of Omni ensures that all the functions of tap are mechanically activated and do not rely upon the expensive and complicated electronic controls.

Q - Is the installation of Omni is easy – is there any need to buy other bits and pieces?

A - There has been paid great attention to the designing of its easy installation. There are no specialist tools required. A convenient electrical plug socket is given so a professional will become able to install and commission an Omni system in just 2 hours or less.

Everything needed for installation is supplied to you with Omni including a filter unit. There is only one additional part that would be required for installation is a pressure reducing valve for excessively high pressure i.e. 5bar (75psi) or above. You can purchase a suitable pressure reducing valve from any plumber’s merchant.

Q - Is the Omni tap finish durable or not?

A - It is durable because the surfaces of the Omni tap are manufactured from solid and premium grade “High Shine” stainless steel and so virtually it is indestructible. Most taps are made from with a plated surface finish so they are generally less durable and difficult to maintain.

Q - Does the Omni or Minerva tap get hot in operation?

A - There are an insulated spout and operating handle in Minerva 3-in-1 Tap.

For Omni 4-in-1 tap, you can easily touch the surface of the Omni because it is in direct contact with the boiling water.

Q - In the case of already installed waters softener, can I install an Omni?

A - Yes, you can but the softened water should only be used for cold and hot supply, not to supply the filtered boiling or cold water.

Q - Is there any need to ventilate the cupboard that you are putting the Omni?

A - Not usually, it would be necessary that the cupboard is tightly sealed. To improve the ventilation, you just need to drill a few holes in the base panel or back of the cupboard. Be careful that the boiler is installed upright and cannot be fitted on its side.

Q - Is the spluttering and spitting of Minerva taps normally?

A - It dispenses boiling water at the outlet of the spout and as a result, there will be some noise, splutter and steam. At first, this can be quite off-putting but any concerns are immediately dispensed when the simple technique for operating the boiling water is understood.

The operator carefully rotates the tap handle to run off the lag of non-boiling water until it starts to steam; then it stopped; put the receptacle carefully over the end of the tap's spout and then he continues to dispense the boiling water and at the same time you will see him gradually lowering the receptacle. This method ensures all of the boiling water contained and prevents splashing your hands.

Q - Is this a problem to live in a hard water area?

A - For Minerva 3-in-1 it depends on how hard the water is in a particular area. If you find a particular problem with limescale then contact FilterFlow on 01603 875 468 to get any other inline filter or for the replacement of a filter which can reduce limescale.

For Omni 4-in-1: Over 50% of the UK is affected by hard water but it is still variable within these areas. The Franke 08 filter cartridge has been specially formulated and is supplied with an Omni system to protect the boiler’s heating element from the side effects of limescale. So it is important to replace the filter cartridges after every 6-9 months depending on the usage.

Q - How long is the warranty period?

A - For Minerva 3-in-1 the warranty period is two years on tap from the date of purchase and heating tanks are also available with the guarantee of 2 years.

The warranty is 3 years on Omni 4-in-1 systems from the date of purchase.

Only those products which are used in normal domestic conditions are valid for guarantees.

Q - What should I do when I have to go on holiday?

A - Minerva 3-in-1: You just need to simply unplug the heating tank when you are away. Plug the unit back and turn on the boiling water tap when you come back to drain the water from the tank. You can use the tap in a normal way when the tank has refilled and heated (22 minutes).

Omni 4-in-1: The power switch on the tank should be turned off and the water supply should also be turned off by simply rotating the shut-off valve by 90°C. When you come back then turn on the water supply and switch on the power switch on the tank. It is recommended you to allow the tank to refill and heat back up. Now you can use the product.

Q - Tell about Minerva Tundish and its function?

A - It is a plastic valve which hooks on to the pressure relief valve. It catches the drips from the pressure relief valve and it acts as a water trap to prevent any unpleasant odour which escapes from the sink waste. Minerva tank is sealed and that is why it is supplied with a pressure relief valve to allow it to vent. When the tank is switched on and the water begins to heat, steam is created and then the pressure starts to build.

The pressure relief valve is opened to relieve the pressure when the pressure reaches 5bar. On the end of the pressure relief valve, the steam condenses and drips into the Tundish. The Tundish is connected to the sink waste to drain the water.

After-sales, there is a common issue that when customers or installers find that the pressure relief valve has constantly dripping water.

In such a case, the reason is as follows:

  • When the tank is switched on, you will see a constant dripping for the first twenty minutes then dripping should occur periodically only even after the drawing of water or when it needs to come back up to temperature.
  • If you see the valve is constantly running or dripping then it happens usually due to the high water pressure. When the water pressure exceeds from 5bar then the water will constantly release because it has been designed to open at that pressure.
  • It is recommended you check the water pressure with a gauge and reduce the pressure 3-4bar if you find it near 5bar. You can purchase pressure reducing valves from any plumbers merchant.

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