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Laufen Bathrooms

Laufen Pro

Laufen Pro

From £77.26
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Laufen Pro S

Laufen Pro S

From £77.26
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Laufen Living

Laufen Living

From £115.79
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Laufen Palomba Collection

Laufen Palomba Collection

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Kartell By Laufen

Kartell By Laufen

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Laufen LB3 Classic

Laufen LB3 Classic

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Laufen Palace

Laufen Palace

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Laufen Furniture

Laufen Furniture

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Laufen Toilets

Laufen Toilets

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Laufen Bathroom Ideas

Founded in 1892 in Switzerland the LAUFEN Brand has been successful in securing an excellent reputation for manufacturing high-quality sanitaryware. With more than 120 years’ experience as a manufacturer Laufen has been utilizing original and tried and tested raw material to craft their excellent items with the use of modern technology. Laufen has been well-renowned for manufacturing highly competitive ceramic sanitaryware along with introducing some very chic designs. The uniqueness of Laufen designs are an amalgamation of two most important design trends i.e. expressive Italian design from the south and the accuracy and lucidity in the designs that is the tradition of the north.Since its inception the main goal of Laufen had been to be the torch bearer for sanitaryware manufacture with the best technology, services and design.

Design Technology

Laufen has manufactured many products with some of the most exquisite designs being introduced to the sanitaryware industry. In persevering to provide outstanding designs Laufen has been collaborating with world-class architects and designers for many decades. These outstanding designs were developed by these designers and become reality with the expertise of the engineers at Laufen.Laufen aims to craft the well-designed materials as astutely and practically as possible while additionally enhancing their visual application, along with making these products eco-friendly. The Laufen products are comprised of ceramic sanitary ware, faucets, bathroom furniture and mirrors, shower trays, bathtubs and whirl systems.The famous designs used in the manufacturing of Laufen are shown below:

  • Platinum Design by Andreas Dimitriadis
  • PS+A PalombaSerafiniAssocati by LudovicaSerafini and RobertpPalomba
  • Phoenix Design by Tom SchÖneherrand Andreas Haug
  • Vetica by Peter Wirz
  • WielArets Architects by WielArets
  • Giovannoni Design by Stefano Giovannoni
  • Toan Nguyen Studio by Toan Nguyen
  • Atelier Oï by AurelAebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond
  • Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design by Konstantin Grcic


Laufen Bathroom Collection


Designed by the famous Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni the IBLAGNOALESSI One offers the bathroom a design that introduces functionality and beauty into your home. This collection of Laufen sanitaryware is popular particularly due to its floor-standing washbasin, called Tam-Tam due to its drum-like shape. The powerful design and natural look of this washbasin makes it one of the most remarkable pieces of ceramic among this collection. The other items in this collection such as the Laufen basins, WC toilets, bathtubs, bidets and urinals also give a remarkably attractive look to your bathroom.


The IBLAGNOALESSI Dot collection, like the IBLAGNOALESSI One, follows the design of the Italian design company, Alessi, yet it is designed by the popular Dutch architect and designer WielArets. Whilst designing this collection,Aretskept it as his priority to fulfill the real function of the bathroom,designing the collection in such a way that it fulfils the user’s sanitation needs and relaxes them. The IBLAGNOALESSI Dot collection comprises of wall-hung bidets, wall-hung WC toilets and washbasins.

Palomba Collection:

Introducing the Laufen Palomba Collection in 2005, the designers Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palombo remarked that this collection is the fingerprint of nature as it combines the geometrical design with the natural looks, giving the impression of a man made cube that is concaved and curved into the round or oval shape with the elemental power of the water, giving the inspirational thought of the sea being a natural force.  The Laufen Palombo collection includes laufen bathtubs, washbasins, bidets, WCs and bathroom furniture.

Kartell by Laufen:

Combining the unyielding ceramic of Laufen Kartell collection with colourful translucent plastic components, Laufen offers you a variety of colours to bring excitement and allure into your bathroom. The firm ceramic material of the Laufen Kartell collection will make the laufen sanitaryware long-lasting and durable. The Laufen Kartell sanitarywares are a shared project of Laufen’s Swiss design and the Kartell’s Italian design, designed by the award winning designers Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palombo, introducing the SaphirKeramik material weighing half than the typical ceramics but equally resilient. This collection of Laufen Kartell consists of laufen bidets, bathtubs, washbasins, WCs and bathroom furniture.


Another style variation from Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palombo is the Laufen LB3. This collection offers a personal and intimate yet charming look to your bathroom as the bathrooms are for personal use. The combination of modern and classic designs offers versatility along with a full bathroom range including the washbasins, laufen WCs, bidets, bathtubs and bathroom furniture.


Laufen offers you the perfect system with corners and edges in the form of Laufen Living Collection. The rectangular design of this collection perfectly suits the style of modern bathrooms creating the environment of modernity around the house. The washbasins of the Laufen Living collection are available both with and without storage facility. The Laufen Living collection includes the washbasins, bathtubs, bidets, WCs and bathroom furniture.


Evident by the name, this range is designed by the French designer Toan Nguyen who used his innovative ideas to transform the classic designs of washbasins. This collection of Laufen sanitary has very expertly utilized the resourceful potential of the Laufen SaphirKeramik material to offer light yet resilient sanitary solutions for your bathroom. Laufen INO comprises of a wall-mounted washbasin, countertop washbasin bowl, bathroom furniture and bathtubs.


Another extraordinary exhibition of the use of Laufen SaphirKeramik material creatively is the Laufen VAL collection, designed by the famous German bathroom designer Konstantin Grcic. What makes this collection internationally distinctive is its uncomplicated and straight architectural lines, particularly slim edges and the excellent surface. The Laufen VAL range consists of washbasins, washbasin bowls, bathtubs and bathroom furniture.


The collection that is traditional yet designed for the modern bathrooms is the Laufen Palace collection. Its washbasins come with the option of being cut and fitted into any bathroom. Therefore, the Palace range is much more popular and is in use in both the private bathrooms as well as the hotel bathrooms. Besides the cut to size washbasins, Palace also offers single washbasins and compact washbasins to be used in guest bathrooms or powder rooms. The Laufen Palace collection includes the washbasins, bidets, WCs and laufen bathroom furniture.


With the introduction of the Laufen PRO, the installation of elite and elegant designed sanitary ware is not reserved for the wealthy. The revolutionary design ideas of the famous Swiss designer Peter Wirz is implemented effectively in the production of the Laufen PRO range allowing all homeowners to have the elegantly designed sanitary wares in their bathrooms, with affordable prices. The usage of high-quality ceramic material in this range makes it very cost-effective as the Laufen PRO collections are long-lasting and durable. Laufen PRO collection offers washbasins, WCs, bidets, matching bathtubs and the elite bathroom furniture range, and also the other specials in the form of Laufen Pro Compact solutions and Laufen Pro Liberty. Another innovative addition to the Laufen Pro range is the Laufen PRO S series of washbasin bowls.


• Laufen has introduced the new surface Laufen Clean Coat to ensure that the product remains immaculate and glowing for a long time.
• Laufen Clean Coat is a silicate ceramic vitreous coating that is heated and hardened over the primary finish.
• This coating is perfectly smooth and due to being a key piece of the ceramics has been manufactured to be resilient and durable, making it virtually unbreakable.
• Due to its even and pore-free surface, Laufen Clean Coat makes it impossible for any kind of bacteria, grime or limescale to build-up as it can be easily washed simply by rinsing with water, allowing it to remain hygienic.
• The Laufen Clean Coat can also easily withstand the use of even the most aggressive of cleaning agents and chemicals as the surface has been proven to be highly resistant to tough chemicals.
• The Laufen Clean Coat is highly recommended to be used in public as well as private bathrooms owing to them as being long-lasting, effortlessly hygienic, enduring and environmentally friendly.


Laufen Bathroom