Laufen's vast spectrum embraces art and purposes alike, having been classically nourished and delicately handled with thin and cryptic lines of elitism. So, whether it's the graceful combinations of magnificent bathtubs or majestically curved basins, toilets, or bidets accompanied by taps and other accessories, the Laufen bathroom suite is a wonderful assembly of luxurious elements. Laufen's selection of washbasins, beautifully designed bathtubs, mirrors and furniture decorate your space with a mesmerising effect.

All of these are complemented by rimless toilets and other innovative features. They are infinitely exclusive, and Banyo has it all, offering them at unrivalled discounts.

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Laufen Bathroom Ideas

Laufen was founded in 1892 in Switzerland and has been successful in securing an excellent reputation for manufacturing high-quality sanitaryware. With more than 120 years’ of experience as a manufacturer, Laufen has been utilizing original, examined and tested raw material to craft their excellent items with the use of modern technology. Laufen has been well-renowned for manufacturing highly competitive ceramic sanitaryware along with introducing of some very chic designs. The uniqueness of Laufen designs is an amalgamation of two most important design trends i-e expressive Italian design from the south and the accuracy and clarity in the designs that are the tradition of the north. Since the beginning, the main goal of Laufen had been to be the torchbearer for sanitaryware manufacture with the best technology, services and design.

Design Technology

Laufen has manufactured and introduced many elegantly designed products in the sanitaryware industry. World-class architects and designers are responsible for outstanding designs developed and become reality with the expertise of the engineers at Laufen. Laufen aims to craft the well-designed materials as astutely and practically as possible while additionally enhancing their visual application, along with making these products eco-friendly. The Laufen products are comprised of ceramic sanitary ware, faucets, bathroom furniture and mirrors, shower trays, bathtubs and whirl systems. The famous designs used in the manufacturing of Laufen are shown below:

  • Platinum Design by Andreas Dimitriadis
  • PS+A PalombaSerafiniAssocati by LudovicaSerafini and RobertpPalomba
  • Phoenix Design by Tom SchÖneherrand Andreas Haug
  • Vetica by Peter Wirz
  • WielArets Architects by WielArets
  • Giovannoni Design by Stefano Giovannoni
  • Toan Nguyen Studio by Toan Nguyen
  • Atelier Oï by Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond
  • Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design by Konstantin Grcic


  • Laufen has introduced the new surface Laufen Clean Coat to ensure that the product remains immaculate and glowing for a long time.
  • Laufen Clean Coat is a silicate ceramic vitreous coating that is heated and hardened over the primary finish.
  • LCC coating is perfectly smooth and due to being a key piece of the ceramics has been manufactured to be resilient, durable and virtually unbreakable.
  • Due to its even and pore-free surface, Laufen Clean Coat makes it impossible for any kind of bacteria, grime or limescale to build-up as it can easily be washed simply by rinsing with water, allowing it to remain hygienic.
  • The Laufen Clean Coat can also easily withstand the use of even the most aggressive cleaning agents and chemicals as the surface has been proven to be highly resistant to tough chemicals.
  • The Laufen Clean Coat is highly recommended to be used in public as well as private bathrooms as being long-lasting, effortlessly hygienic, enduring and environmentally friendly.

Laufen Bathroom