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Logic Hotbox

The Logic Hotbox from Gazco can easily be installed all chimney types present in UK homes nowadays whether it is a conventional or balanced flue. This fire offers you the options of coal or fuel beds (1). Available in both manually controlled and remote controlled versions.

The Logic Hotbox draws cool air from the room through the bottom of the appliance (2). The cool air then gets heated up and emitted back into the room (3) via the ceramic fuel bed. This spreads warmth throughout the room, providing you the cosiness which you require during the chilly winters.

Gazco Logic Hotbox

Logic Convector

The Logic Convector is a comparatively more powerful and effective counterpart of the Logic Hotbox. Similar to the Logic Hotbox, the Logic Convector is suitable for all available chimney types. This fire also offers both the coal or fuel bed options (1) and you can choose either the manual or remote controlled version.

It comes with a convection system which is much better than the Logic Hotbox. The convector box draws cool air from the surroundings via the bottom of the appliance (2). This cool air is in turn warmed as it passes through the hot interior of the convector chamber (3) and emitted back into the room through its top convection slot (4).

Gazco Logic Convector

Logic HE

The Logic HE is the latest model by Gazco introduced to its Logic gas fire range. It features a beautiful glass front and the highest efficiency rate of all gas fires in the range. It is suitable for both conventional and balanced flues and even in homes which do not have a chimney. The fuel options provided by the HE include logs, coal or white stone which further complements its stunning design. You also have the option to upgrade to colourful glass bead fuel effects (1). The glass beads are available in cool clear, bold black and radiant red colours**.

The Logic HE draws cool air from the room towards the convection chamber (2) of the appliance. The cool air is then warmed as it passes close to the hot interior surface of the convector chamber before being emitted back into the room via the top convection slot (3). Maximum heat is radiated into the room via the crystal-clear glass (4). The design of the Logic HE has ensured that installation is easy due to its reduced depth (balanced flue only). An optional log effect is available for slide control (Conventional flue only).

Gazco Logic HE

∆ Upgradeable Glass Bead Fuel Effects

If you wish create an impact with your interior décor, then the Logic series provides you with the option to upgrade the White Stones on your fuel bed with different glass bead packs. These come in three beautiful and stunning colours including Cool Clear, Bold Black and Radiant Red.**

Upgradeable Glass Bead Fuel Effects

** Please note that the red coloured glass beads will darken when burning and then return to their original colour when they cool down.

Logic Control Options

The entire range of Logic fires provide you with the options of three unique control systems to choose from; Manual Control, the new Slide Control** or the ever popular and most convenient, the Remote Control unit so you can easily control your appliance from the comfort of your sofa.

1. Manual Control

The Manual control of the Logic models is a simple to use system providing you with the options to ignite, extinguish and control the flames using a single control handle which is discreetly located behind the fame front, at the bottom of the fire. This handle is easily accessible, is safe to use and maintains the aesthetics of the Gazco Logic gas fires.

Gazco Logic Manual Control

2. Slide Control

The Slide control system is a newly designed control option which gives you complete control of the fire. The slide control is located at the top right-hand side of the fire’s frame for easy access. This ergonomically designed handle provides ease of use and blends gently with the rest of the body design giving the control a subtle and refined look.

Gazco Logic Slide Control

3. Remote Control

The ultimate in convenience and the most desirable control option is the Remote. Allowing you to easily control every aspect of the fire from anywhere in the room. You only need to manually ignite the pilot light once and then use the standard remote control to ignite the flames of the gas fire which can be switched off again at the push of a button.

Gazco Remote Control