About Us

Our Journey to Success: Then and Now

For the past two decades, Banyo has remained committed to providing exceptional service and continuing to amaze our loyal clients. As a family-run company based in the East Midlands and beyond, we are known for our ability to transform homes and businesses with our magic touch. Our two Leicester locations are home to a team of wise and knowledgeable experts who provide exceptional pre- and post-sale support.

At Banyo, we have established ourselves as the premier choice for those looking to purchase high-quality kitchens appliances, designer fireplaces, and luxurious bathrooms. Our enthralling work has graced countless notable commercial and residential properties. However, our superlative E-Commerce division is the real secret to our success. Our team works tirelessly to provide a seamless online experience, backed by the magic of our two reputable showrooms.

With a wealth of experience, we take great pride in delivering an exceptional online experience for our customers. We invite you to join us on our fantastical journey and let us surprise you with our exceptional service and quality products.

How we are different

Banyo's consumers are aware of the differences between a Good, Better, and Best product. We constantly offer all of its goods with a good combination of innovation, quality, and faultless features with best solutions to meet your needs. We provide:

  • High-quality products for your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living space that look spectacular is our identity.
  • Our suppliers are aware that Banyo only accepts goods that are not only produced of the finest materials but also eco-friendly.
  • We successfully maintain healthy relationships with our top supplier brands in order to provide our esteemed customers.
  • And of course, we provide superior service without compromise on quality and support throughout the entire selling cycle.