Valor Fires, Valor Hearth Mounted Fires, Valor Balanced Flue Gas Fires

Valor Fires, Valor Hearth Mounted Fires, Valor Balanced Flue Gas Fires

In 1890 Valor began as a small factory located in Ludgate Hill, Birmingham, producing oil storage cylinders. With time, the company secured a prestigious reputation due to its commitment and perseverance to offer the best heating solutions to the world. Valor designed the first portable oil heater in 1902 and expanded its production to bicycles and fire extinguishers. Later on, living up to its reputation depended upon the trust, authenticity and sense of security it offered in its products, and in the 1960s Valor Fires started to manufacture gas fires. In 2009 Valor fire became part of the GDC Group Ltd, a division of the multinational Glen Dimplex Group, the largest electrical heating industry of the world.

Valor Fires

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The Preeminence of Valor Gas Fires

In 1967 Valor continued to build on its excellent reputation by combining innovation and technology to create the first radiant gas fire. Valor continued to innovate, in 1973 introducing its first balanced flue fire, and in 1978 company introduced the first living flame gas fireplace, known as Valorflame. Furthermore, in 1982 the company created the home flame gas fire, the best-selling one of that time, with 70% heat efficiency. The journey of innovations did not stop there for Valor, as in 1989 it designed the first remote control gas fire with the expedition of manufacturing Valor electric fires, the company launched its ‘Dimension’ collection of electric fireplaces with the exclusive Hologram effect. Moreover, in 2009 Valor was honoured with the esteemed Queen’s Award for Industry in acknowledgement of its enthusiastic struggles and accomplishments towards cutting carbon emissions and running costs by employing the revolutionary gas fire technology, Homeflame gas fires.

Valor Fires Collection

All Valor fires are available with a variety of designs, styles and installation options. The Most Crucial step in purchasing/ selecting a fireplace is its compatibility with your home in addition to fuel or energy. Usually, the fires run on LPG, mains gas, solid fuel or electricity.

If you have easy access to the fuel, then the next thing you must take care of is the access to a chimney or flue.

Valor Gas Fires

The Valor gas fires come in a variety of collection with living flame effect fires and styles, colours and installation options. They also offer a vast range of fuel beds and control options; therefore, these gas fires design to fit any living room. The inset gas fire, with full depth fuel beds, are the perfect choice for homes with Class 1 chimneys that are brick-built. Also, these gas insert fires with their attractive and eye-catching designs are compatible with some precast and prefabricated flues, after verification from a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. The updated version of the inset gas fires is the inset slimline gas fires, having shallower fuel beds and being suitable for installation in Class 1 and Class 2 brick-built chimneys.

Full Depth Inset Gas Fires

Can easily be installed with precast and prefabricated flues, under the same conditions. The popular ranges that come under the Valor inset gas fires label are Trueflame gas fires, Airflame gas fires, Dream gas fires and Blenheim gas fires. Valor also designs the outset gas fires that sit in front of the fireplace on the grate to provide more efficient heating into the whole living room. These outset gas fires with their variety of designs and colours give a traditional look to your place. Valor Heartbeat gas fires and Black Beauty gas fires are among the most popular ranges of the Valor outset gas fires. Valor Fires is also famous for designing the exceptionally balanced flue gas fires, installed in those houses where there is no brick-built chimney constructed. The entire Valor balanced flue gas fires are glass-fronted offering highly-efficient heat output with minimum fuel consumption; therefore, these glass-fronted gas fires are cost-effective and highly functional.

  • The flue system utilizes natural convection to fetch the air from the outside of a building for effective combustion.
  • Afterwards, driving the air back to the outside via another section of the flue system to eliminate any smoke or fumes providing safe and healthy heating.

These balanced flue gas fires offer a variety of designs as they comprise of inset gas fires and outset gas fires as well. The most popular ranges of these balanced flue gas fires are Dream gas fires, Masquerade gas fires, Excelsior gas fires and Valentia gas fires. The Valor decorative gas fires offer you the most realistic flame picture and utilize a radiant heating system. The Radiant system functions as the real fire, in such a way that the closer you get the warmer you will feel. The decorative gas fires only consist of the fire basket, excluding the box unit surrounding, making the gas fires quite attractive. Valor also designs highly functional and resilient Valor gas stoves, offering a realistic view and glow of the flames as if there is a real fire burnt with logs. These gas stoves come with both manual and remote control options along with a variety of fuel beds such as logs and coals. The popular Brunswick gas stoves and Ridlington gas stoves, with their traditionally designed cast-iron models, provide warmth and beauty to any part of your home with their 81% heat efficiency.

The Valor Radiant gas fires are highly efficient with an excellent heat output of up to 81%, as the white ceramic of these gas fires burns red hot offering a cost-effective heating source without any compromise on the performance, style and reliability standards. With options for manual and electronic top control, these gas fires make a perfect choice for every home. Available in different installation styles, the most popular collection of the radiant gas fires are Brava Radiant, Firelite Radiant, Helmsley Radiant and Black Beauty Radiant.

Benefits of Gas Fires

The gas fires compared to other fireplaces are the top priority choice for homeowners due to their flame effects, reliability and High Efficiency offered. With their high heat efficiency and minimum running costs, gas fires are the perfect heating solutions to curb your fuel spending. Comparing the fuel costs in the UK, 1kw of gas fuel costs £4.66, whereas 1kw of electricity fuel costs £14.26. The gas fires are also more environmentally friendly as they emit 50% less CO2 than electric fireplaces. Gas fires also offer simple and easy maintenance as unlike solid fuel stoves they don’t need a regular clean-up to get rid of the ash residues, unlike the electric fires, there is no danger of power supply disruption.

Valor Stoves

Besides fires, Valor is very popular for offering a range of Valor stoves, that are available in a variety of designs and fuel options. Valor has designed a range of high-quality solid fuel stoves, gas stoves and electric stoves.

Solid Fuel Stoves

The solid fuel stoves utilize wood and coal as fuel, and these woodburning & multi-fuel stoves offer 80% heat efficiency. The famous collection of solid fuel stoves are, Baltimore stoves and Ridlington stoves.

Gas Stoves

Valor gas stoves offer low running costs and come with both manual and remote control options, along with a variety of fuel beds such as logs and coals. The popular Brunswick gas stoves and Ridlington gas stoves, with their traditionally designed cast-iron models, provide warmth and quality to any place at your home with their 81% heat efficiency.

Electric Stoves

Valor electric stoves are also very popular because of their stylish designs, exclusive 3D flame effect, and are relatively easy and quickly installed. The LED light used in these electric stoves projects a holographic image of the fuel bed, providing a realistic flame effect. Therefore, the Glendale Dimension electric stoves are quite popular among many homeowners in the UK.

Gas Heaters

Valor Heaters are an ideal choice for houses without a central heating system. The wall gas heaters are perfect to be used in larger areas to ensure all the space is covered, such as big classrooms, halls, conservatories, landings, or bedrooms with attached bathrooms. These gas heaters offer eco-friendly and affordable heating and are independently functional without any reliance on the central heating systems or boilers. These gas heaters are also very simple and quick to install, as all, they require an outside-facing wall for mounting. These wall-mounted gas heaters are compatible to be used with both natural and LPG gas, and the popular Brazilia Gas heaters offer a variety of colours and sizes according to the requirements of the homeowners.

Valor Electric Fires

The Valor electric fires are specifically well-liked among many homeowners. Whilst boasting 100% efficiency, running costs are minimized courtesy of integral ‘Ecolite’ energy-efficient LED lights. The LED lighting projected on the holographic fuel beds of these electric fires, and the 3D visuals, a realistic picture of the flames. Due to the latest technologies, the fireplace flame can be enjoyed independently of the heat. The remote control functioning of these Valor electric fires lets you manage its functions from the comfort of your sofa. The most famous Electric fires ranges designed by Valor are Clifton Dimension, Alton Slimline Dimension, Bauhaus Slimline Dimension, Belvoir Slimline Dimension and Blenheim Slimline Dimension.

Valor Alton Slimline Dimension

The Alton slimline Dimension electric fire features quite powerful fan heaters that can generate up to 1.35kW heat output. Its modern design and features make it a popular choice for all types of living space, whether classic or contemporary. The latest LED flame movements with realistic virtual fuel bed create the pleasing glow of real burning fuel. The energy-efficient LED light to consume minimum energy to offer lower running cost while thermal safety cut out feature brings extra peace of mind. The flame effect can be used without a heater to create an enchanting glow of cracking blaze at any time of the day. You can also use the remote handset for better control to adjust heat settings according to your mood.

Valor Bauhaus Slimline Dimension

Valor Bauhaus Slimline Dimension electric fires

The Valor Bauhaus Slimline Dimension electric fires also feature their state-of-the-art patented holographic technology providing realistic flame effects with a heat output of 0.68kW-1.35kW. Its fuss-free installation method makes the installation process less time taking. With Valor Bauhaus Slimline Dimension electric fire, you do not need a chimney or flue system that means you can enjoy warmth in any room of your home. It also supports a Remote control handset to manage heaters settings easily.

Valor Belvoir Slimline Dimension

The classic design of Valor Belvoir Slimline Dimension offers VR real flame effect using energy-efficient LED bulbs to create soothing ambience while substantially cutting down running cost. Smart controls are featured to provide control over the flame effect, speed, and sound. The net efficiency score of Belvoir is 100% as no heat escape through chimney or flue.

Valor Blenheim Slimline Dimension

Blenheim Slimline Dimension

Blenheim Slimline Dimension imitates Key elements of the real blaze using the Valor’s patented Dimension heating technology and holographic fuel bed to create the most realistic flame effect. It can provide up to 1.35kW heat output with 100% efficiency score.