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Flamerite Fires

Flamerite Fires

High-quality Modern Electric fires, Stoves & Suites by Flamerite Fires

Built for your Inspiration!

Flamerite Fires now provide you with a collection of high-quality modern electric fires.

You will have a wide variety of Electric Fires, Suites and Stoves to choose from, be it the wacky ultra-modern fires or the traditionally graceful & cosy ones, they will be the centre of attraction in your living room. Flamerite has a persuasive collection of electric fires, electric fire suites and electric stoves. By the passaging time, it has gained a sky-rocket boost in its fame which motivated it to send abroad its fireplace range all over Europe and other parts of the world. It has a vast range of award-winning electric fires, electric fire suites and electric stoves with their advanced & innovative designs, high-quality performance and easy to install models. These fire products include wall mounted electric fires & electric suites, floor-standing suites, stoves and cast fires, and inset electric fires. They are trouble-free with the installation. These fires have an excellent heating capacity.

Flamerite Inset Fires

Flamerite Inset Fires

From £364.56
22 item(s)
Flamerite Wall mounted Fires

Flamerite Wall mounted Fires

From £0.00
42 item(s)
Flamerite Eelectric Stoves

Flamerite Stoves and Cast Fires

From £784.56
16 item(s)
Flamerite Floor Standing Suites

Flamerite Floor Standing Suites

From £409.92
20 item(s)
Full Flamerite Range

Full Flamerite Range

From £0.00
81 item(s)

Being a well-reputed name in the world of quality heat appliances, they produce intelligently featured award-winning Flamerite fires, stoves, suits, and electric fires. In 1999, the company was established and the struggle and determination of its directors led them to shake up the market of Flamerite electric fires. Those who are aware of interior designing appreciate the flawless functionality and seamless designing of Flamerite electric fires as there is no match of its incredible features. The extraordinary and effective options of these fires render unbeatable comfort for your home. The welcoming and gracious appeal of any home is assured by the installation of these modern fires.

Choosing the flexible as well as an economic heating option is maybe a difficult task for you but when you go through the incredible ranges of these fires, you can easily select the most suitable one. The company successfully offers a range of superior-quality electric fires that are designed to inspire. From the elegant to the quirky, every single fire is classically cosy and renders a striking focal point to the room of any style. They vary in terms of installation styles and functionality. Wall-mounted suites, floor-standing suites, wall-mounted fires, inset fires, stoves & cast suites all are included in the incredible ranges of these fires. Choices are available in fuel effects including glass beads, white pebbles, log, and embers.

Designed for living

The Flamerite fires provide great use as they have a quite appealing look and unmatchable features. The multifunction remote control is included in their features and they are available in multiple finishes. Hidden heaters are also available with it. Choices in fuel effects are available including Cinderwood or white pebbles.

Wall-mounted installation style

These contemporary fires render excellent choices for any room in the home as their designing and features are excellent. The hidden heaters with multiple heat settings are included in its features. They are mostly available in pastel grey, and ivory cream finishes.

With the perfect heating system

Fires that consume low energy and provide greater heat output are usually the preference of many. They are quite economical options for heating rooms. They will help you in reducing the bills and in saving energy as well. They are ‘clean-burning’ which simply means that they kill the harmful fumes and gasses. All you need to do is flicking the switch and they will start working immediately. They are better options for protecting the environment.


These fires are available in incredible ranges and all its ranges are not unique in styles but their functionality is also up to the mark. The range of Flamerite Sonata inset fires is rendered in a choice of colours including brass and silver. The white pebbles, coal, and glass all can be used as fuel effects. The hearth fire is available with the slim set. Flamerite Tennyson electric stoves have multifunction remote control including dimmer. The excellent range of Flamerite Lucca electric fires has a Discreet alternative manual override control panel that enhances the functionality of these fires and makes them the right choice for daily use. The Flamerite Austen fires provide flame without heat operation. Most of these fires are rendered in oak finish with granite effect hearth. The Flamerite Bronte electric stoves are featured with coal and electric fuel effects. Bring home the Flamerite Gotham electric fires that provide great use without any hindrance.

Affordable Installation style of Flamerite fires

Flamerite electric fires are fast and straight forward to install as no pipework or chimneys are required for their installation. More on, no costly maintenance is required for their installation.

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