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Bathroom - Modern and Tradiational Latest Designs & Trends

  1. Modern Two Piece Toilet Designs

    Modern Toilet Designs
    Choosing the right toilet is maybe the most unglamorous job, but it has a significant effect on the final look and style of the bathroom decor. Selection of the wrong size and style of the toilet can bring an unpleasing claustrophobic feel. Whether you are looking for an ultra-slim space-saving, traditional or modern WC for your new bathroom, a brief knowledge of all bathroom styles will be a lot helpful.

    Back to wall toilet styles

    Back to wall toilet stylesBack to wall toilets as the name employees
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  2. Steel bath Vs Acrylic baths - Which is the Better Choice?

    There are various factors to consider before deciding whether acrylic or steel would be the right choice for you. In general, an acrylic bath is cheaper than steel or any other material.

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  3. Single Ended Vs Double Ended Bath

    Two bathers can usually be accommodated in a double-end, but they're still perfect when taking a bath alone. The Bath tapes and waste fitted at the centre differ from their single-ended counterpart.
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  4. What is Slipper Bath?

    Slipper Baths are famous for their iconic traditional design and offer a luxurious bathing experience. The ergonomically designed roll top sloping . . .
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  5. GROHE SilkMove® cartridge technology for smooth handling

    Innovative and visionary, GROHE products have been designed to last a lifetime. This incredibly designed tap has cartridge technology with volume and temperature adjustment features and has made with a space-proven ceramic alloy with utmost precision. Frictionless technology makes it is surface more smooth and silky.
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  6. Easy to clean thanks to the GROHE StarLight® chrome coating

    GROHE Starlight works like a diamond ranging from precious matt to shiny in order to give an extra shiny look for decades. You will find it as stunning as on the first day you fell in love with it because of the GROHE Starlight technology.
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  7. GROHE EcoJoy® with water-saving function for reduced consumption

    GROHE EcoJoy is all about the saving of water in an effective manner. While delivering effective water flow, it saves water and energy. The durability, innovation, and craftsmanship of GROHE EcoJoy are just unbeatable.
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  8. RAK Ceramics! A wise choice for sanitaryware and ceramics.

    RAK Ceramics is one of the most leading manufacturers supplying its products to over 160 countries and producing over 3.5 million pieces of sanitaryware per annum and has been serving since 1991. The global production of RAK ceramics is 117 million square meters by offering a comprehensive product portfolio comprising above 8000. It combines beauty and innovation for a truly unique experience by offering an affordable pricing strategy.
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  9. Top 10 latest wall hung toilets designs

    Looking for bathroom ideas & bathroom designs for your new bathroom? Visit our showroom or check our website for the latest trend in the bathroom industry
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  10. How Ideal standard Aquablade Technology Toilet System works

    Aquablade is an exclusive and Modern Technology. Featuring a precise control over water flow, it offers a contemporary design and modern looks to any bathroom. Here is an introductionary video, which will help you how this technology works to improve your lifestyle.
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