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Bathroom Toilets

Bathroom Toilets

Almost every bathroom needs a highly functional toilet which should also look attractive.  Choosing a toilet from the host available can be daunting.  Banyo has a toilet to match your style, space and budget requirements which rapidly narrow down that process.

Style - there are three basic toilet style types: traditional close coupled (with visible cistern), modern back-to-wall or leading edge wall-hung (both with concealed cisterns) summarized below – that make progressively better, more elegant, minimalist use of space which is also facilitated by downsizing to a compact model or the use of a corner close coupled toilet, all available across budget ranges. One can avoid the renovation work of a concealed cistern with an innovative integrated tank toilet. Modern toilets also use less water, including by dual flushing, benefitting your household budget as well as the environment.  Hygiene innovation is also obtained with rimless toilet pans which remove one of the most unhygienic aspects of traditional toilets: eliminating rims that are hard to clean of multiplying germs; halving unhygienic surfaces. 

And of course, you will need a seat – standard, soft or slow close including quick release

Our modern toilets feature smooth, unfussy lines and are well matched to flatter our extensive variety of basins

Modern Toilets

Close Coupled Toilets

From £98.40
81 item(s)
Back To Wall Toilets

Back To Wall Toilets

From £60.45
68 item(s)
Wall Hung Toilets

Wall Hung Toilets

From £0.00
68 item(s)
Corner Toilets

Corner Toilets

From £134.40
2 item(s)
Wall hung Bidets, Back to wall Bidets


From £69.30
57 item(s)


From £59.10
3 item(s)
Toilet Seats

Toilet Seats

From £27.00
36 item(s)
Concealed Cisterns

Concealed Cisterns

From £30.60
47 item(s)

Bathroom Toilets

If you're planning a bathroom which has a sleek, minimalist feel then contemporary styling is what you'll require. One of the major parts of your setting up will be an up to date and stylish toilet. There are lots of eye-catching models available in the market so you won't need to put a great effort to find the ideal match to butter up your other products. Have a tour of our website and you will find out precisely what is on hand, and what certain articles will be appropriate for your meticulous bathroom.

Types of Styles

Close coupled toilets  are the most commonly found modern toilet design. This is where there is a visible cistern which sits on the pan.  Our modern toilets usually feature smooth, unfussy lines and are well-matched to flatter our extensive variety of basins. These articles are very adaptable in that they will go with just about any contemporary setting. If you have a preference regarding the modern development of squarish toilets there are numerous to select from for that slightly more fashionable appearance.

Back to wall toilets are where just the pan part of the WC is visible and they usually sit against a tiled back wall or fit for purpose WC unit which houses the hidden cistern.

Wall hung toilets: Probably the most modern look of a toilet is the wall hung version. These have a unique 'floating' appearance due to the fact that they do not actually touch the floor but are as an alternative attached to the wall and sustained by a mounting frame which is concealed at the back of the tiling and where the toilet tank like back to wall toilets is veiled in the rear of a tiled wall or sometimes in a unit.

What to Look Out For

Prior to that you purchase a contemporary toilet, there are a few things you must be aware of so you should be acquainted with what to anticipate for when it comes to fitting.

What’s Included

It's significant to distinguish what you really get a hold of when you pay for a new toilet, as you would not like to be booking plumbers if all the components you need for fitting are not at hand. Most modern toilets will come with a pan and cistern and seat however this is usually an option as you can sometimes get to choose between a standard close toilet seat and a soft close version.

What isn't included?

Usually, this is all the plumber would expect as your plumber would usually provide a pan connector which connects the toilet to the soil pipe and also the fittings which connect the cold water feed to the inlet of the cistern.

What are inlet and waste pipes?

These pipes effectively make certain the toilet will, in fact, be operational; so to speak they're appealing and fundamental would be an underestimation! The inlet pipe dispenses clean water into the toilet reservoir, while the waste pipe has rather a fascinating work of taking away dirty water from the pan upon washing out.

An average waste pipe will generally be around 110mm in diameter or 4 inches in old money, while inlet pipes are usually around 15mm in diameter.

Water Capacity of Cisterns

How much water can my cistern hold? I hear you ask; well the answer more often than not is around 6 litres with a contemporary toilet model. Some will contain a slightly less quantity and many toilets now have double wash out settings which let you become a great deal eco-friendly. You can make sure that the information for each toilet is accurate on our website in the product description section for each article. Surfing through the manufacturer's website should also disclose how much water your specific cistern can contain.

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