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Aga Wood Burning Stoves

Aga Wood Burning Stoves

    With a history spanning over 90 years, AGA Stoves is renowned for creating expertly engineered stoves. With a large selection of cast iron stoves, including both wood burner stoves and gas stoves, they are a trusted brand to rely upon for all of your heating requirements. Here at Banyo, we are committed to providing you with the latest range of Aga stoves at the best prices.

    We sell traditional stoves, such as the Little Wenlock, the Stretton and the Ludlow ranges. We also have an excellent range of more contemporary stoves, such as the Ellesmere, Shawbury and Hadley, Hanwood, Westbury, Lawley and Dorrington. Whatever your size requirements and style preferences, we at Banyo want to help you to make the right choice for your home.


    In the cold winter days, it’s indispensable to think about relaxation while you are imagining yourself resting in front of a wood burner stove with sparkling flames, soothing warmth and the distinctive aroma of a woody fire. Therefore, it is no wonder that the demand of the stoves has touched the sky by a great deal, particularly with the producers providing so many treasures of varieties.

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AGA Stoves

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Thus for those homeowners who desire to fix a wood burner, we have assembled a directory of the top 10 reasons to think about buying an AGA stove for this year.

1. Wood is renewable energy that can help save on heating bills

As the energy bills continuously going up, it is wise to have some fuel autonomy and for that, the utilization of a wood burner is the best solution. The homeowners with wood burner stoves purchase well-prepared wood for fueling with a moisture level less than 20% as the heat productivity of the wood burner easily heats the largest of the rooms along with decreasing the requisition for central heating from a gas or oil boiler.

2. Eco-friendly lifestyle

The wood-burning stoves provide long-lasting and constant heating to the households. Nevertheless, flaming the wood is a carbon neutralizing procedure, with the quantity of CO2 discharged to the environment equivalent to that absorbed by a tree when it grows. It is, nonetheless, significant to opt for providers that supply their wood from sustainable plantations, as this guarantees there is sufficient wood for years to arrive.

3. A wide selection of designs

The escalating fame of the stoves for the last few years has motivated the stove producers to manufacture a large collection of designs to go with all contemporary and traditional decorations. As AGA Stoves brings for you the models in a wide range from the little Wenlock Classic featuring eye-catching cast iron features and a graceful, modest built –to the Dorrington, with its soaring modern perpendicular physique and wide-angled glass doors.

4. Choice of stove material

Generally, the stoves are made of either cast iron or steel either of them equally offering warmness and relaxation that is usually linked to a wood burner. The cast-iron stoves of AGA are exceptionally strong & tough as well as they are made to survive for years. These stoves got this resilience from the manufacturing process they get through as dispensing liquefied metal into moulds to form the needed contours. On the other hand, the most recent superior quality collection of steel stoves present Scandinavian-inspired models, for a softer, additional up-to-date look in contemporary homes, all mingled with long-standing consistency.

5. Active Air Wash System

Majority of the AGA wood-burning stoves feature an Active Air Wash System to make sure that the glass on the stove door is easy to keep clean for a vivid sight of the fire. This Air Active Wash System works by cautiously fanning air into the upper part of the stove, where the air is warmed and turned to the front part of the glass to put off any increasing soot – managing the wonderful flame picture and highest visual outcome.

6. Suitable for Smoke Control Areas

The homeowners who are residing in smoke restricted areas like urban and metropolitan settlements; realize that there is a restraint on emanating burning smokes from the smokestacks while utilizing a wood burner. Nevertheless, now the mainstream production of AGA is built from the starting (or have particularly designed editions on hand) to be utilized in smoke restricted areas. This let the people use the AGA wood-burning stoves, with the awareness that it is safe to burn the woods and the emanations are as little as possible.

7. High efficiency

Those who have an open fire heating system in their homes are accustomed to the fact that the heat produced by these fires goes up the chimney to a large extent than spread into the room. The is reason is that the open fire is merely 10-20% efficient, while on the other hand, a wood-burning stove can be as mu as 85% efficient. They are meticulously engineered and approved to give out a good deal of heat through a room. Also, the wood burners keep on producing heat even after the fire has died out; making sure that a home continues to be warmer for a long time.

8. Heat your hot water and home

Usually, the majority of the stoves are fitted in to supply distance heating for a single room. Nonetheless, some assertive designs, like the Minsterley of these stoves, are fixed with a back boiler to provide and enhance the central heating system along with the facility of providing hot water for showers and baths. This system can additionally lessen the service charges, given the stove is fittingly sized for the requirements of the home. A discussion with a heating and plumbing fitter will be of assistance to undoubtedly recognize a home’s requirements.

9. A network of expert retailers

To make sure that the homeowners get requisite information on the fitting of a wood burner in their house, we suggest that they confer with a specialist first, it could be through an AGA Shop or any of our individually preferred independent retailers. This course of action includes all phases of stove purchasing, from the fitting prerequisites, picking the accurate product for a home’s requirements and acquiring trustworthy after-sales support. It might as well permit a homeowner to notice the stove of their picking in action, as various retailers have live models. It is significant to note down that the fixing of a wood-burning stove is subjected to the Building Regulations, which involve all installers to be HETAS registered.

10. Heritage at the heart of every stove

The AGA name is identical to excellence and our far-reaching variety of wood-burning stoves is no exclusion. Majority of the models are assembled in our 300 years old foundry in Coalbrookdale, where generations of experienced craftsmen craft the spectacular cast-iron designs. Our steel stoves also go through the similar devotion and consideration to design, with every model countenance of detailed excellence values to make sure they execute to the maximum level.

If you have a wood-burning stove in your home it certainly will provide a lot of advantages. It will offer you an exceptional resource of warmth and cosiness along with adding a superfluous factor to a living room that other brands of fires might not be able to provide. So it is needless to tell you that you will never be repentant for purchasing a wood-burning stove for your home.