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Bathroom suites

Bathroom Suites

A bathroom in the home is one of the most important and used places. A bathroom is as much necessary for a home as a kitchen to cook and a bedroom to sleep. Mostly we don’t pay much attention to the bathroom remodeling as it is the general idea that when some guests come to your home they will certainly talk about your home and kitchen décor and they will for sure use your bathroom but wouldn’t make it a talking point. But this idea has been changing altogether as remodeling your bathroom can bring it into the limelight while making it a talking point as well. At Banyo we understand the importance of redecorating a bathroom as you have high stakes there so we offer you the expert advice, variety of bathroom designs and expert fitting solutions. We now offer you the multiple ranges of bathroom suites, bathroom cabinets, bathroom mirrors, bathroom furniture, bathroom lighting, baths, bathroom vanity units, bathroom extractor fans, toilets and bidets. All these bathroom products are designed and manufactured by the most eminent and popular bathroom brands of the world and are available at very reasonable prices at Banyo.

Bathroom suites

Bathroom suites

From £175.20
9 item(s)
Traditional | Modern Toilets


From £27.00
276 item(s)
Wall hung basins


From £29.04
441 item(s)


From £35.38
440 item(s)
Wall hung Bidets, Back to wall Bidets


From £82.80
53 item(s)


From £66.00
1 item(s)
Bathroom Mirrors and Cabinets

Mirrors & Cabinets

From £55.44
215 item(s)
Bathroom Extractor Fans

Bathroom Fans

From £36.85
30 item(s)
Frames & Plates

Frames & Plates

From £33.79
85 item(s)
Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories

From £12.47
27 item(s)
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