Matki showers offer

Matki was founded in 1971 and has produced the highest quality showers and brassware since that time. 

The Matki Showers range of products are as functional as they are stylish, with unrivalled durability. Matki produce a range of high-end, luxury shower enclosures, bath screens, wet rooms and walk-in shower enclosures, and widely regarded as the epitome of quality. 

At Banyo, we have a variety of Matki products at competitive prices, and these are available through our website and our large showroom in Leicester.

Matki Showers

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Matki Showers

There is no doubt that everyone loves to have a well-designed bathroom according to the latest trends. When redesigning your bathroom interior, you might consider installing a shower enclosure that is highly functional and comes with the latest trendy design. The right place for the perfect shower is Matki, offering such shower enclosures which come in a variety of designs and sizes that are highly compatible with every bathroom design and provide maximum functionality. Adding elegance to your bathroom design but also save you time with the quick power shower. Compact Shower Enclosure designs help you save a lot of bathroom space and are a perfect choice to implement the small bathroom ideas with full functionality.

The Matki Showers also offer efficiency when your preference is the maintenance and hygiene of your bathroom. Their High-Quality design and resilient structure will provide high resistance against the spilling of water on the bathroom floor and walls while keeping it safe from the risks of developing mildew or any other kind of bacteria.

Versatile designs, the shower cubicles come with the Matki Glass Guard Easy Clean Protection to protect the glass but make it easily cleanable. Banyo is the official Matki Shower Suppliers in the UK and offers all the popular ranges of Matki Showers like Boutique, Colonade, Illusion, Radiance, One, Eleganza and Euazone.

Matki Shower Trays

When you are considering a bathroom renovation, you also think about having a new shower installed, but to many people, it seems that they have limited options. While, on the contrary, the fact is that Matki offers a variety of designs meeting the requirements of every bathroom design. But to choose the right Bathroom shower, you also need to consider the availability of the space. Shower trays play a significant role in the selection of the correct shower enclosure for the available space. Fortunately, Matki shower trays come in a variety of designs, styles and sizes to be the perfect fit for your showers. These shower trays reflecting the high grounds of Matki offering finest quality, robustness and everlasting designs with maximum functionality.

Manufactured from the high-quality "Acrylic Syntha stone" these shower trays with their rock-solid structure provide a firm and a solid base for the shower installation. Available in different designs, sizes and colours these Matki shower trays include the popular ranges of Continental, Universal, Fineline and Quintesse while being the perfect pick for your shower enclosure.

Matki Bath Screens

Not many of the homeowners can afford the luxury of having a spacious bathroom, so a majority of the households have bathrooms with limited spaces where they cannot enjoy the comfort of a separate shower enclosure and bath.

When you have limited bathroom spacing and want to enjoy the luxury of both bath and a shower, you can do it with the installation of a bath screen and have a shower over bath. There are many things to take into consideration before selecting a bath shower screen for your bathroom but, the major ones are the design of your bathroom, space availability, design and shape of your bath. Considering these major requirements, the best options are the Matki bath screens offered in a variety of designs and sizes to match the design of your bath.

Environmental Policy

As Matki has been operating as a leading UK manufacturer, so, the high-quality of Matki products is safely assumed. Shower trays, brassware, and shower enclosures manufactured by Matki for over 40 years and therefore Matki is aware of the environmental responsibility. Both the company and its employees are careful about safeguarding the environment and are committed to protecting the environment across all its business activities.

Environmental Impacts

In its operations, they make sure to minimise the risks of environmental problems, health and safety hazards for everyone involved. Matki has the policy to include ethical and environmental considerations in the decisions of investment whenever it is appropriate. Matki Elixir Classic makes sure to use recyclable cardboard packaging only acquired from 100% sustainable sources. Polystyrene and Polylam are other packaging materials are also recyclable. Thermostatic showers, taps and shower enclosures produced from brass, aluminium, and stainless steel and they all are entirely recyclable.

Do Matki Provide Installation Guide?

To ensure quick and easy installation every time, Matki provides a set of simple-to-follow instructions. Fineline acrylic capped shower trays are the new low profile shower trays which are available in Pergamon and white. In a full range of bathroom colours, Matki Cast stone shower trays designed to give that perfect fit. The tiling upstand option of Matki is a favourite of builders as they provide perfect watertight installation. Between the stated dimensions, side panels, and doors, they are easily adjustable for out of walls situations. For right or left installations, all Matki surrounds are suitable except where otherwise stated.

Special Sizes

Matki produces many models of bespoke and made to measure shapes and sizes including, EauZone Plus and shower trays. Matki 600mm, Matki 700mm, Matki 800mm, Matki 900mm, Matki 1000mm, Matki 1100mm, Matki 1200mm, Matki 1300mm, Matki 1400mm, Matki 1500mm.

0pening Style Available: Matki Bi-Fold Shower, Matki Hinged, Matki Sliding, Matki Pivot, Matki Recess, Matki Walk In Showers, Doors and Trays. To install any Matki product or to measure awkward areas, Matki has in-house specialists, booked through

What is Matki Glass Guard?

For the reduction of hard water deposits and limescale, there is glass surface coating which is known as Matki Glass Guard, enabling easier cleaning without any additional effort.

Water Softeners and Glass Guard

There are some water softeners which can increase the alkalinity of water as, during regeneration, carry-over of chloride can cause insistent water spots on both Glass Guarded Glass and those which are untreated. So if you are using a water softener, Matki recommends that instead of using a timer, a two-cylinder machine with automatic regeneration is better. If you have already installed a single-cylinder water softener, then after each shower you should remove any excess water from the glass with either a micro-fibre cloth or with a squeegee.


If you are investing in Matki, it means that you are investing in authentic quality. Matki bath screens, shower doors, shower trays, shower enclosures are all covered with a guarantee of 10 years against the failure of parts and in the initial two years, you will also have any labour cost taken care. Guarantee on glass guard, Nickel, Gold plated parts, Teak decking is only for the initial two years guarantees on Swadling thermostatic shower mixers, Matki Elixir and Fastflow shower wastes are for five years.