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Frames & Plates

Many homeowners who give significant importance to the designs of their bathroom fittings are observed to be particularly inclined to install the wall-hung toilets, wall-hung bidets and wall-hung basins. As installing the wall-hung fittings not give an aesthetic look to the bathrooms but also save maximum space as well as make the cleaning of the bathroom a much easier task as you can thoroughly sweep your bathroom floor without any hindrances. Though apparently, it seems that wall-hung fittings are simply mounted on the bathroom wall but the secret of their strong and unyielding fitting is the fitting frames that capture these utensils so strongly as giving undeniable support to bear the maximum weight of a human being. While the flush plates of the wall-hung toilets are mounted above the toilet connecting the hidden cistern to the toilet to provide efficient flushing system.  Banyo offers a variety of wall-hung toilet frames, wall-hung basin frames and wall-hung bidet frames for a robust and long lasting fitting of these bathroom utensils. Banyo offers the best Geberit toilet frames and Geberit wall-hung frames at the best reasonable prices.

Bidet Frames

Bidet Frames

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Toilet Frames

Toilet Frames

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Basin Frames

Basin Frames

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Banyo is providing the frames with great innovation and quality. The WC frames fit inside the wall of the bathroom so you can mount the toilet directly to the wall. It simply means that the pipes, cisterns, and working of the toilet will be completely hidden from the view. It looks like the toilet is coming out of the wall. For WC frames, a button is mounted over the toilet to allow flushing. All the products of European market leaders are available at Banyo as it gives priority to technology innovation. As a leading supplier, it continuously delivers enhancements to bathroom innovation.

Advantages of WC Frames:

These frames make a bathroom aesthetically more pleasing. Wall mounted toilets are usually designed for extra space in the bathroom so when you install the WC frame, lesser space will be occupied in the bathroom as the cistern will be hidden inside the wall. For low pressure areas, wall mounted toilet is a great choice so since the size of the cistern on a wall mounted toilet should be smaller than other traditional cisterns. As a result, it will take less water so less time will be consumed for filling up the cistern. The small cistern is suitable for bathrooms as it saves water bills also.

Flush Plates

Give a finishing touch to your bathroom by fitting an equally attractive flush plate. The flush plates of leading brands, Grohe and Geberit suit every bathroom scheme in the best way. These plates offer enormous style to complement the bathroom design. Flush plates are compatible with both framed and closed cisterns as well as they are available in multiple finish options to suit your requirements. They can be installed hassle free.

Products Ranges

 Banyo is providing the Bidet frames, toilet frames, basin frames, and plates of all top brands. They are good in designing and provide ease of use. If you want to create a seamless look in your bathroom then they are perfect for any bathroom.