Modern Gas Fireplace Trends For 2022 - Banyo

Modern Gas Fireplace Trends For 2022 - Banyo

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Top 5 Modern Gas Fireplace Trends for 2022!!

We can see fireplace design trends struggle against these sentiments of sorrow as we go beyond the sense of constraint and isolation that has plagued the planet in 2020 and 2021. In preparation for the 2022 season, fireplaces have evolved from being merely practical Modern gas fires to now becoming the epitome of style and elegance, not to mention the ultimate source of ambience and bringing a sense of peace and tranquillity to your indoor living space. Fireplaces have never been the same since so many brands have stepped forward and presented their unique sense of style and modern gas fires.

Fireplace Trends to Follow:

There's no disputing that fireplaces bring a particular something to a room. But what's hot this season? Consider a minimalist design with simple lines that allow the element of the fire to speak for itself. This season is all about pushing the boundaries of modern gas fires and breaking free from the constraints of traditional fireplaces.

     1. Blending Right In:

Modern homes are theme-based, where every room, painting style, and curtain-style are according to a specific theme. If you have home interior and home furniture of the same theme, this is called “blending in”. The same goes for modern gas fires. Consider a beautiful single-sided fireplace built into a tiled wall or an ultra-modern look with a two sided, three sided or tunnel fire.

This is how you create a “Blending In” effect within your home where the gas fires match the theme that you have designed for your home. The modern gas fires are now being designed in such a way that they can be installed anywhere in the house without worrying about the orientation and building style of the room.

     2. Through the Looking Glass:

double sided fire

Suppose your area radiates sophistication and beauty but lacks a focal point to tie everything together. Consider the "Through the Looking Glass" fireplace theme. Modern gas fires are available with double and triple sides. These centrepieces can be installed into dividing walls or beautiful pillars with glass on opposing sides (or up to three or even four sides for full dramatic impact). Thanks to the glass arrangement, the burner can be seen from all sides, guaranteeing that the ambient effect permeates the entire space.

No matter if you install the gas fire in the living room or your kitchen, with a tunnel effect you can witness the glory of the fireplace right from the comfort of either room. Double-sided fireplaces are visually outstanding, and they act as a statement piece in an open-plan design.

Installing a double-sided fireplace into an outside wall will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the fire in both your indoor and outdoor space at the same time, giving you the best of both worlds. Double or triple-sided fireplaces provide cosiness to any area while also increasing the amount of usable space.

     3. Supersize Fireplace:

This fireplace concept is ideal for creating a striking focal point in your residential, hospitality, or other business space. Extra-large fireplaces wow international designers with features like big hearths and massive chimneys with gorgeous brickwork or fireplaces with numerous burners.

Extra-large modern gas fires, which are particularly well-suited to large commercial and hospitality spaces like hotel lobbies and restaurants, are beautifully complemented by statement design details that emphasize the element of the fire. Think mirrors (to reflect light), wooden accents, stonework, and heavy metals.

Extra-large fireplaces may cast an ambient light over even the largest spaces, making them feel cosier without taking up too much room. This is not a trend for the faint of heart, and it will create ripples for years to come.

Not only do these fireplaces look great, but if someone steps into your living room, this fireplace would be the first thing they'll see, and as they say, the first impression is the last impression. Favorite models are Elements4’s 240cm wide Modore 240, and 200cm Metro models from Dru.

     4. Moving the Indoors Outdoors:

Some of the significant outdoor design themes to emerge from the COVID-19 global epidemic are striking fire pits and elegant outdoor burners. As we spent more time at home, we focused on improving and expanding our living areas, with a special emphasis on valuable outdoor space that we could use all year.

Outdoor modern gas fires add a stunning look to your outdoor environment while also emphasising the natural characteristics of your landscape. The use of fire and light in an outdoor eating area conveys the warmth of the home to the outside. It also provides a touch of luxury.

     5. TVs above Fireplaces:

This modern gas fire trend is followed the most around the globe. Fireplaces that allow flat-screen TVs to be put above them are one of the most common requests from design professionals and consumers. The combination of fireplaces and televisions is stunning. They give entertainment, atmosphere, and warmth and double your viewing enjoyment and become the visual focal point of a room.

Having a faux chimney breast for your modern gas fire also makes it much easier to conceal TV cables. You want to hide the technological clutter since a TV above a fireplace will become the room's main feature.


Fireplace trends are becoming more and more applicable worldwide, and if you're looking for a fireplace trend that best suits your home, Banyo has put together a great offering that will surely help you with your choice.