Our bathroom PVC trim is designed to give an excellent finish while keeping water out. There will be no mould or rot on your walls. It's simple to pick the style you want.

With our selection of PVC wall cladding finishing trimmings, you can ensure a professional, appealing finish. L trims, H trims, internal and external corner strips, and Cladseal products for baths and showers are all available at Banyo. All of our bathroom cladding trims are available in white or chrome to match your taste.

PVC Trims

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After choosing the right wall panels for your bathroom, make sure you have a professional, waterproof finish. We at Banyo have many bathroom PVC trims and bathroom mouldings to help you achieve this.

You can choose from white, chrome, or black bathroom trim or bathroom moulding to complement the attractiveness of your PVC bathroom wall panels. 5mm, 8mm, and 10mm are the three sizes available. The process is quite simple, and the end effect is neat, professional, and ultimately attractive.