Valor High Efficiency Fires

Valor High Efficiency Fires

Valor High Efficiency Fireplaces

Valor high efficiency Fires

Active heat

Valor Activeheat

Fires with Activeheat give out radiant heat but also draw in cold air from the room which passes through the heat exchanger to warm the air which is circulated back around the room. The outcome is the room gets heated much faster than by radiant heat alone.


Valor Airflame Technology

The Airflame mix and match range offers unrivalled choice, pairing with Valor popular Airflame engine with a choice of frets and trims. You can choose from a manual or remote control Airflame engine, which leads the market thanks to its unique ceramic burner and unbeatable realism. Both models come with a choice of full trim or inlay trim, available in brass or chrome with a choice of frets to suit all tastes. The Airflame range offers unbeatable product and design flexibility so you can select the individual elements to give the specific performance and aesthetics they demand.


Valor Ecolite Ecolite electric fires and suites are available for the social housing sector. Fully certified by BEAB and complete with extended guarantees, these latest models offer a reliable and affordable energy-efficient heating solution.


Valor fireSlide Our unique Fireslide technology makes turning on/off or up/down simple with the easy to use sliding control.

Heat Xchanger

Valor HeatXchanger

When purchasing a gas fire on bases of performance, you will not be able to beat our range of gas fires that include a heat exchanger. All these fires come with a dedicated heat exchanger which means that the amount of convected heat is unsurpassed by any other fire of its kind. The flue gases directed from the firebox into the heat exchanger and after scrubbing as much useful heat as it can the products of combustion safely released into the flue.

High Efficiency

Valor High Efficiency

Valor established history helps to develop the future. Valor devotes time and energy into improving the way we do things and investing in the future. We have a dedicated team of experts in their field, who use a mix of time-honoured methods and modern techniques to develop and innovate the products of the future. And because we understand our products from start to finish, you can be sure they conform to the best quality. Valor focuses on innovation and does not stop at the factory gates, Valor teamwork with industry bodies to help guide the way the industry performs. To ensure that products are fit for today needs but also designed to meet the challenges of the changing environment in which we live. Valor has a range of products that lead the way in the effective use of energy - good news for the environment and great news for you as this means they are cheaper to run.

High-Efficiency Electric Fires

Electric fires are 100% efficient at the point of use - this means for every kW input you use you get the same kW heat output from the fire. The Valor LED range of fires to offer an enhanced quality flame effect as they give an even and directed spectrum of light meaningless stray light to create blur and shadow. LED bulbs consume 85% less energy than the Normal Tungsten bulbs, which makes them cheaper to run. The bulbs can also withstand more shocks, vibrations, frequent switching and temperature extremes, that would damage standard lamps.

High-Efficiency Gas Fires

High efficient gas fires can help homeowners improve their energy efficiency by up to 60% more than a decorative gas fire, reduce running costs by up to 83 per year and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 79%. Valor Homeflame range is 38% cheaper to run and 89% efficient and with the shallowest slimline on the market, and are universally applicable. Balanced Flue, Outset and Radiant options complete the high-efficiency gas range.

Remote Control

Valor Remote Control

Control from the comfort of your armchair, remote control is available on some gas and Dimension models.

Valor Centre Exclusive

Valor Centre Exclusive

Valor Centres offer an exclusive range of gas and electric fires that are not available anywhere else on the high street. Any products with this logo are Valor Centre exclusive products and come with a 3-year guarantee.


Valor Trueflame

Valor mix and match range of inset gas fires provide customers with increased flexibility when it comes to choosing a gas fire. The Trueflame range combines Valor market-leading engines with a wide range of design choices to suit all tastes. It means we can offer customers full flexibility to Combine their preferred Valor engine, trim and fret options. The Trueflame mix and match range offer a choice of full-depth convector engine or high-efficiency Full-depth glass-fronted Homeflame engine, each available with either Full trim or half trim in brass or chrome.

Three Year Guarantee

Valor 3 Years Warranty

Only approved Valor Centres can offer a 3-year Guarantee with your purchase. It is because Valor has the upmost confidence in these retailers' ability to recommend, supply and install the correct fire safely and securely. Any products with this logo are Valor Centre exclusive products.