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DRU Fires - Dru Gas Fires

Dru Fires are renowned for producing the highest quality designer fires. They were founded in 1754 and have been the pioneers of design and technology ever since. Their designs are both stunningly beautiful, Modern, Durable & highly functional. They come in a range of designs, including tunnel fires, 2 sided gas fires and 3 sided gas fires. They also have a range of highly affordable wall heaters.

DRU Fires

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Dru Balanced Flue Gas Fires

The majority of the Dru ranges are now Dru balanced flue gas fires, though they do still offer conventional flue options in their DRU Global range, which also features a more affordable range of fires for households on tighter budgets. Popular models of Dru include the Dru Metro fires, Dru Circo fires and Dru Maestro fires. All of Dru’s fires are glass-fronted fires and come with a range of accessories, including wifi control, which allows you to operate the fires from your tablet. DRU the short version of De Koninklijke Diepenbrock en Reigers of Ulft was founded on 17th May 1754. Since then it has been the most successful and widely recognised manufacturer of high-end fires through all of Europe and the rest of the world. DRU has an excellent reputation in manufacturing high-quality and superlative gas fires, practical gas wall heaters and of pioneering fireplace technology. In the 1960s DRU introduced the balanced flue system into its products, which gives the freedom of using gas fires whilst installing them with or without a chimney. This balanced flue system is so practical that it has been used in a multitude of gas fire installations.

DRU Fires in the 21st Century

DRU with its two and a half centuries’ experience is an enormously successful company for manufacturing the best modern fireplaces. It has been the leading producer of highly efficient balanced flue gas fireshole in the wall gas fires, and wall-mounted gas heaters along with manufacturing the best wood burning and multi-fuel stoves and fires. The operations and dealerships of DRU have expanded from 3 countries to covering most of Europe. With its fantastic build qualities and expertise DRU on its 250th anniversary was bestowed with the celebrated title of ‘Hofleverancier’ or a Supplier to the Dutch Court.

The compilation of DRU gas fires consists of trendy & modern gas fires with the inventive qualities like the special Dru Eco Wave technology with tablet or smartphone control app and the extended flue system with the PowerVent® feature. Furthermore, the Global gas fires manufactured by DRU are contemporary and up-to-date, these gas fires being realistic and within one’s means have slim profiles and come in various sizes, shapes and heating capacities.

Dru Gas Fires Stylish, Practical and Efficient

Dru Fireplace

DRU modern gas fires combine contemporary styling with solid performance and efficiency.

The popularity of DRU Fires in Households with Budgets

DRU Global gas fires feature all the qualities that are promised by the DRU brand and these fires are of high quality yet come with prices that are within the reach of the average household budget. All of these fires have inventive and artistic outlays with strong manufacturing standards and are engineered to be used long into the futures.

These Global gas fires offer both balanced flue and conventional flue systems. Balanced flue fires are specially engineered to be used in households with no traditional chimney however due to their style and flexibility these efficient fires can also be installed into traditional fireplace cavities. As for conventional flue fires, these are specifically manufactured to be installed into Class 1 British fireplace cavities and the insertion of these fires is relatively straight forward and in most cases economic to have done.

Hole-in-the-wall gas fires2-sided gas fires3-sided gas fires and freestanding gas fires are the most popular designs from the Global range. Some models of these gas fires also come with custom-designed fire surrounds, outer frames and cavity wall fires which have the ability to be installed into a brick wall or a pre-cast flue.

DRU Wall-Mounted Fires

Dru is well known for manufacturing amongst the best gas wall fires with easy-fit features and some can be done so with or without a flue. DRU hole-in-the-wall gas fires are available in various designs. The main similarity of these hole-in-the-wall gas fires is that they are glass-fronted and have remote control operating system. A large collection of these hole-in-the-wall fires have frameless designs including Metro and Maestro and Paco yet a stunning appearance.

On the other hand, another collection of balanced flue hole-in-the-wall gas fires, for instance, the Venteo and Largo come with the range of striking fire surrounds with stone finishing which matches with the flame picture of the fire perfectly. The fire beds of these gas fires are available in log effects, twigs or stones and the interiors are made of polished steel or rustic brick effects. All these varieties in the designs of these fires certainly enhance the beauty and decor of your home.

Dru Double Sided Fires

Besides balanced flue hole-in-the-wall gas fires, Dru also manufactures conventional flue hole-in-the-wall gas fires which are perfectly designed to be placed into a conventional chimney. The conventional flue gas fires include products such as the DRU Global 90 and Global 70 . Mostly these wall gas fires have the option of running on either natural gas or LPG and have a very high-efficiency rating.

These hole-in-the-wall gas fires have the option to be installed or built into a brick chimney breast with minimum construction. Alternatively, if there is no chimney breast in your home you can still take advantage from these hole-in-the-wall gas fires as you can get your installer to construct a false chimney breast made of heat resistant material so that you can use it to imitate the appearance of an actual chimney breast.

For any further information or assistance regarding hole-in-the-wall gas fires and DRU gas heaters, visit our showroom or call us on 01162744059.

Latest Update: Banyo offers New designer Dru gas fires & fireplaces, including very first Hybrid gas/electric fire Dru Passo Eco gas stove (Fire for all Seasons) and will be available soon.

DRU Guarantee

Every product manufactured by DRU is made strictly to high-quality standards. Each fireplace and stove goes through multiple detailed testing prior to its leaving the factory and being introduced into the market. For concentric flue material, Dru offers 10 years’ guarantee whereas for fireplaces they offer two years’ guarantee.