High quality Bette Steel Baths

Bette Steel Baths

Bette Baths UK - Combining engineering prowess with design expertise, Bette have created a range of baths that offer unparalleled form and functionality. For almost 70 years of expertise in designing and crafting, and with origins in Germany they have been creating beautifully stylish steel baths UK. Most popular from Bette UK in their Bette Steel Bath range are the Bette Ocean, Bette Starlet, Bette Form, Bette Select. They have sturdy Bette Cradles to support their baths and for a luxurious relaxing bath why not take advantage of some Bette Relax Bath Pillows which are magnetic, easily maneuverable and great for supporting your head. Do not forget that along with Better Shower Trays there is also a complete range of Bette Freestanding Baths which look great where space allows. Banyo, your official Bette dealer, offers a complete range of products to make your bathroom a Better Bathroom, with all authorized Bette Steel Baths from Bette UK at extremely competitive prices.  Browse a Vast range of steel shower baths in multiple sizes and styles guaranteed to fit perfectly into any bette bathroom.

Steel Fascination

Not just standard carbon steel Bette baths are made from premium titanium steel. Amazing flowing forms which a huge range of colours and options are available. In this day and age it refreshing to note that Bette is still a family run company going strong since its inception in 1952.

Pioneering Technology

At the forefront of bathroom design and innovation, Bette produced the first seamless steel freestanding bath and now one of their most popular baths is the stunning Bette Starlet steel bath. Moving on from baths Bette Germany also were the first to produce complimenting Betts Steel Basins from the same premium materials and then added Bette Floor shower trays which were the first flush to the floor trays of their kind.


Conventionally steel baths are stretched to create the desired form however this can cause uneven steel thickness. Ingeniously with a force of over 800 tonnes Bette ‘pull’ their steel into shape giving a much more uniform precision thickness. How many colours are available, would you believe more than 600 are available with many options.

Green Credentials

Made exclusively in Germany to exacting standards Bette are proud to state that their products are 100% recyclable. All products are made in the German city of Delbruck with close to 400 staff in their workforce. Another point to be proud of is that close to 70% of the energy needed to run their facilities is harnessed from renewable solar energy.

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Bette Baths

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Bette was established in 1952 by Heinrich Bette and Günther Schlichtherle. The company started its in-house technology division after two years to produce superior bathroom products using high-quality natural raw materials. Bette is the best and leading manufacturers of steel enamelled products with artistic designs and are continually challenging themselves to the next level of innovative excellence. The main reason to choose Bette products is because of their patented BETTE GLAZE®Plus technology, which gives bathtubs a magnificently strong finish and a transparent polymer film which makes it relatively easy to clean with just a damp cloth. All of this results in a wide range of bath tubs to suit all tastes with dimensions catering to all your bathroom needs. Although they are renowned for their bath tubs, Bette provides made-to-measure shower screens made from real glass for both showers and baths their variety is endless.BETTE GLAZE®Plus (steel enamelled with a transparent polymer film) is harder than marble, steel and plastic are non-porous and is resistant to abrasion and UV rays. It is without a doubt the most hygienic, safest and with the glossiest finish that you can choose for your bathroom.

hygenic betteglaze


Designed with hygiene in mind!

Because of its non-porous properties and glass-like surface, dirt and bacteria cannot penetrate and damage your high-quality bathtub. This makes BETTE GLAZE®Plus far superior to tiled areas and softer materials.


Heat Conductive

Utilises titanium steel alloy, together with enamel, to create its unique high-quality finish. The bath’s surface is therefore highly heated conductive, meaning that it absorbs the heat of the bathwater, including around the neck of the bath, allowing for a highly sensual bathing experience.

Heat Conductive BetteGlaze
Heat Conductive BetteGlaze


Highly innovative design features!

BETTE GLAZE® Technology ensures that bathroom noise is kept to a minimum. The technology prevents loud reverberations from occurring, meaning that you can enjoy your soothing Bette bath prices UK in peace.

Resistant to Chemicals

Designed to be the most robust bath surface imaginable. No Need to worry about accidents and spillages in your bathroom anymore!

BETTE GLAZE®Plus is fully resistant to all common chemicals found in the bathroom, including cosmetics, bath additives and nail polish.

Resistant to Chemicals

Scratch Resistant BetteGlaze

Scratch Resistance

Highly scratch resistant & Easy to Clean!

Harder than marble, steel and plastic, and therefore it is highly unlikely that any abrasive items usually found in the bathroom will cause damage to it.


Impact resistance

It will give you peace of mind to know that BETTE GLAZE® is resistant to the impacts of usual bathroom items being dropped onto its ultra-hard, ultra-thin surface. It is strong and resilient, like glass fibre, and will stand up to bathroom hazards like no other bette bathtubs surface.

Impact Resistance Betteglaze

Plumbing Made Easy

We offer a wide range of installation systems to connect our bath products with the building. Some of these solutions are presented below:

Bette sealing-Set for Wooden Floor


Bette Universal System Installation

Especially for renovations when the installation of flush-to-floor showers is more difficult because of wooden floors. For those situations, we recommend the Bette sealing-Set for wooden floor. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.   Installation of all shower areas, super and ultra-flat bette shower trays - with just a single Installation system. Adjustment range 75 – 215 mm.

Bette Upstand Installation Without Silicone


Bette Baths, Shower Trays, Washbasins


Silicone is superfluous between the bath edge and the wall as the Bette Upstand offers an aesthetic, hygienically and long-lasting solution. Thus mouldy and torn silicone joints are a thing of the past. Germs have no chance to grow.   Bette Steel Baths, Shower and Washbasins - Top of the line Products

Bette Steel Baths, Shower and Washbasins - Top of the line Products

A double-ended bath can accomodate two people. Bette LuxBetteLux Silhouette is a rectangular freestanding double-ended bath.