Royce Morgan

Royce Morgan is a West Yorkshire based luxurious baths manufacturing brand. Their history is no longer than a decade, and they have earned a reputation in the industry of Acrylic freestanding baths and are one of the best suppliers in the world for their dedication to maintaining high-quality standards. Thanks to the in-house expert team, Royce Morgan Baths are designed to fit perfectly in most of the bathroom interiors while adding beautiful aesthetic value. The ergonomic design angles ensure comforting support to give you a long relaxing soak. The robust acrylic construction and expert craftsmanship ensure years of happy experience. All products are hand-finished and rigorously tested to further enhance the quality and ensure customers’ satisfaction.
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Royce Morgan

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Royce Morgan Luxury Bathtubs

Thanks to that charity function where three businessmen met who are now the directors of Royce Morgan. They joined their hands for manufacturing stylish, sleek, and quality assured freestanding baths. All three directors of Royce Morgan are now at the pinnacle of their profession as they have over 25 years of experience. The bathtubs that are manufactured by this brand are real examples of high standards and the thing that differentiates Royce Morgan is its approach to customer satisfaction as it is always on hand to offer advice and aftercare. They are dedicating their talent for designing, handcrafting, and developing the most luxurious freestanding bath designs. In short, the innovative yet practical solutions of Royce Morgan have revolutionised the world of baths.

Give your bathroom an Ultimate Solution

Freestanding baths can completely transform the look of any bathroom by rendering a focal point that will enhance any setting. Royce Morgan has manufactured a wide range of traditional and Modern baths for the timeless appeal. The chic-sculptured style and finish of the contemporary bathtubs will last you a lifetime. The extensive range of baths includes single-ended and double-ended baths that come in various sizes, styles, and shapes so you can choose any bathtub that is most suitable to you.

Ranges of Royce Morgan

Contemporary: The execution is cutting edge - the inspiration is relentless. The refinement embodies the Royce Morgan strategy of creating exclusive and stunning modern baths that can immediately enhance the overall visual appearance of any bathroom.

Traditional: The traditional baths of Royce Morgan have timeless designs that will capture the splendour of the area as these baths can be a central piece of any bathroom. European white double skinned sanitary grade acrylic is used in the manufacturing of these traditional baths as it has excellent thermal properties and feet is made by using chrome-plated aluminium to render unbeatable durability and strength.

Black: This range consists of minimalist gems that can effortlessly integrate a blend of curves and straight lines which are refreshing and unique to bring sophistication to your bathroom. The European white double skinned sanitary grade acrylic, used in the crafting of this range due to which it can be maintained easily by putting very fewer efforts.

Protection of Freestanding bath designs

All the freestanding baths carry the “CE” mark that makes them able to be sold within the European Union. This mark confirms that all the products of Royce Morgan comply with harmonised European standard no. EN 14516 due to which the products become legal to be sell in the UK.

Royce Morgan black bath

These minimalist gems of Royce Morgan efficiently integrate a blend of curves and straight lines which are refreshing and unique, bringing a sophisticated touch to any bathroom. Whether your tedious day is going to start or end, splurge yourself in alluring and pleasing Royce Morgan black bath. There is a series of sensational black baths that can mesmerise anyone. The high-grade acrylic has made these baths durable and long-lasting, whereas its trendsetting styles can deliver the superb appeal to any bathroom. Every feature of black bathtubs provides a complete sense of satisfaction and tranquillity.

Glass Fiber Reinforced with resin-bonded for giving maximum rigidity, durability, and strength.

Contemporary Baths

Nothing can unwind a body better than Royce Morgan’s contemporary baths. Every single piece of these baths gives the most alluring feel while bathing. The exceptional Silhouette of these extraordinary baths adds supreme class to any design of the bathroom. These flawless bathtubs can blend perfectly with bathroom decor due to their shapes and sizes. They render long term use due to the double skinned sanitary grade construction. These baths have excellent thermal properties as they can retain water heat for longer than cast iron baths. They have improved strength and rigidity. The contemporary bathtubs bring chic and sculptured style with a perfect combination of European and British design.

Traditional Baths

Royce Morgan’s traditional baths can make you able to experience the most exhilarating bathing moments. They are designed with a unique combination of traditional and modern to stand out extravagantly in any bathroom setting. They can glamorise the interior of your bathroom corners as well. Traditional bathtubs can be a centrepiece of any bathroom as their timeless designs can capture the splendour of any area. These traditional bathtubs from Royce Morgan are freestanding and can render an iconic retro style to any bathroom. The chrome-plated aluminium used in their manufacturing and they can retain water for a longer time as compared to other baths. The layers of these bathtubs are coated with thermal sheets of water to have longer heat retention.