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  1. Easy way to clean stainless steel sink

    Stainless steel can keep its brilliance and value for decades - with the minimum care. It is very easy to clean them with normal household cleaners. To keep your stainless sinks shiny and durable for a long time to use Non-abrasive products such as 'Cif’ daily. This should be adequate to remove such marks as tea stains and grease. The everyday film of limescale, which occurs in the hard-water areas, can be quickly removed using 'Cif'. Rinse the sink thoroughly after limescale treatment.
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  2. How Ideal standard Aquablade Technology Toilet System works

    Aquablade is an exclusive and Modern Technology. Featuring a precise control over water flow, it offers a contemporary design and modern looks to any bathroom. Here is an introductionary video, which will help you how this technology works to improve your lifestyle.
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  3. Your Guide to Buying the Perfect Kitchen Sink

    In this kitchen sink guide, we will try to make it easier with how to choose the right look and model of sink for your kitchen.

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