Bathroom Furniture Trends for 2022

Bathroom Furniture Trends for 2022

 Bathroom furniture

Bathroom Furniture Trends for 2022

It is 2022 and the era of trends. If you want to keep up with the pace of the world, you should follow current trends. Having beautiful bathroom furniture can make all the difference to your bathroom. It's usually one of the first and last places of the home you visit each day so having bathroom furniture that matches the latest trends and also beautifully designed makes your day just a little better.

How to search for Trends out there?

Discovering bathroom furniture trends will help you decide which room style is best for you and your home. Bathroom ideas change all the time, from materials and finishes to colours and designs, and 2022 is no exception, with its fantastic choice of current trends. We at Banyo are here to help with a great selection of all the latest bathroom furniture trends that will help you design your perfect bathroom. Here are some of the top bathroom trends being adopted by the world at a great pace.

     1. Rounded Shapes:

Even though the world has embraced all these trendy curves and shapes, the grace in natural shapes is still the best. Rounded shapes are still being used in a different way to make everything in the daily life usual but also unique in their way.

Curvy or round-shaped bathroom furniture is an anticipated trend that will be seen in the 2022 interior design season. In contrast to rigidly straight architectural lines, round curves give a relaxing design experience.

We at Banyo have the latest brands encompassing the latest designs whilst adding a little bit of their innovation. Banyo offers brands that have modern bathroom furniture in round shapes that will add grace to your bathroom and make it a style statement for your home.

     2. Marble surfaces:

Marble is usually a fantastic choice for bathroom décor because it is classic and elegant. It adds value to your home and it's really stunning. However, marble has drawbacks, the most significant of which is maintenance.

Marble must be sealed and cleaned regularly to avoid stains, scratches, and moisture damage. But if you're up for the challenge, the end result is worth it: a beautiful and timeless bathroom that will last a lifetime. Marble surfaces in the bathroom have always been the latest trend worldwide because they give bathroom furniture a premium look and sheer cleanliness, which is why marble is one of the most used natural stones in bathrooms.

     3. Aged Brass:

In recent years, brushed brass taps and showers have become a standard, and we don't see this going away anytime soon. It's easy to see why this finish is so popular, with its warm glow and gentle appearance unlike any other. Brass fittings that are natural or unlacquered have an antique appearance that acquires a distinct patina over time. They're an excellent fit for a rustic or industrial design concept.

Aged brass looks very elegant in a marble-floored white themed bathroom. It adds a little bit of an antique look to the modern bathroom, which is all modern bathrooms are about these days.

Bathroom furniture with all brass taps and showers give an amazing vibe. We at Banyo products that provide you with everything you need to have the perfect design for your bathroom.

     4. Sustainability

Of course, choosing environmentally friendly materials for your fixtures and fittings is the most effective strategy to reduce your bathroom's environmental impact. Natural marble, for example, can last a lifetime, but solid surface materials are low in volatile organic compounds and exceed many regulatory environmental standards. You could also install an aerator in your washbasin taps to save water and invest in a half and full flush toilet's, which can save up to three litres per flush.

Sustainable materials are now being used worldwide because of climate change considerations. Materials corrode, break and get dirty when kept for a longer time. Since water is involved, products have to be more water-resistant and corrosion-resistant for bathroom furniture.

We at Banyo have many brands that are tested and certified to be corrosion-free and water-resistant, which will not only enhance the beauty of the bathroom but will also last longer.

     5. Wet rooms and walk-in showers

A wet room or walk-in shower will provide your wet room ideas with a truly exquisite, spa-like showering experience. A well-designed wet room is highly attractive and can increase the value of your property. Polished plaster is a popular choice right now since it is hygienic, flawless, and beautiful.

The big story with compact wet rooms and walk-in shower designs is polished plaster's waterproofing abilities and elimination of moisture-seeping joints. Most micro-cements and Tadelakt plasters are intrinsically waterproof, stain-resistant, UV-stable, and easy to clean, but Venetian plaster requires waxing to seal water. We at Banyo have Brands that cover this area of bathroom furniture.

     6. Cleanliness

We believe cleanliness is one of the most considered aspects while designing and having a bathroom installed. You can have all the high-end products in your bathroom, however if it is not cleaned and well maintained it can be a real turn off.

So, a neat and clean looking bathroom is the one we would all desire. Even if the basin and toilet are not of the latest designs but are in fact well looked after your bathroom can still look stunning. We at Banyo provide you many of the latest sought-after products. Most of the products we offer have sleek minimalistic lines to give that modern refreshing appearance.

All the products at Banyo are designed and made with this consideration in mind. A clean bathroom with a fresh-looking bathroom furniture is what we aspire to provide.


Trends are meant to be followed, but if you want to be a trend-setter, Banyo will help you all the way, making your bathroom simple yet up to the trend.