Solid Fuel Stoves

Solid Fuel Stoves

Solid Fuel Stove Valor

Valor Solid Fuel Stoves

Benefits of Valor's Solid Fuel stoves

Multi-fuel Stoves

Valor's solid fuel stoves can burn wood, peat or coal. All Valor stoves are supplied with a grate to safely and efficiently burn alternative fuel types.

Wood burning is carbon neutral

No more carbon is released when the wood is burned than the tree has absorbed from the atmosphere during its lifetime.

Wood is a renewable energy source

More stable in supply and less effected by shortages, which means fewer surprises in fuel bills.

Valor's wood-burning stoves are more than 76% efficient:

• 20% more efficient than standard stoves

• 50% more efficient than an open fire

Greater efficiency

Means less fuel and fewer trips to the woodshed. Valor's air-washed glass system increases secondary combustion:• Cleaner glass• Cleaner chimney• Cleaner environment

Cast or steel?

Stoves are manufactured in either steel or cast and both have their benefits. Cast stoves hold their heat, therefore radiating an even temperature whilst the stove is in use, and offer more control over the heat output.The steel-bodied UK produced models offer the benefit of impressive heat outputs for their compact proportions, heats rooms promptly and due to thenature of steel is very durable and resistant to damage.