Modern Two Piece Toilet Designs

Modern Two Piece Toilet Designs

Modern Toilet Designs
Choosing the right toilet is maybe the most unglamorous job, but it has a significant effect on the final look and style of the bathroom decor. Selection of the wrong size and style of the toilet can bring an unpleasing claustrophobic feel. Whether you are looking for an ultra-slim space-saving, traditional or modern WC for your new bathroom, a brief knowledge of all bathroom styles will be a lot helpful.

Back to wall toilet styles

Back to wall toilet styles Back to wall toilets as the name employees are attached to the wall or furniture unit saving the precious bathroom space. In such a toilet setting the piping goes through the wall giving it a clean, compact look. The hidden piping and cistern make it a little labours to install you might need a bit of construction work. Repairing could also be costly and need a professional hand as the cistern and piping are not directly accessible. However, the hidden cistern and piping are the best way to make most of the limited space of a compact bathroom while maintaining the minimalist character.
Modern Bathroom White Gloss Close Coupled Toilet Cistern Pan Seat

Close Coupled Toilets styles

The most popular style choice for a small space bathroom that is equally suitable for contemporary and traditional bathroom styles. The toilet and cistern are coupled together as one unit and do not take much space. The pipework is hidden behind the unit, giving it a sleek and minimal look saving valuable space for other bathroom fixtures. Close Coupled toilets come in an extensive assortment of sizes and are relatively inexpensive to buy when compared to other toilet types.
Wall Hung toilet designs

Wall Hung Toilets styles

Wall hung toilets are fitted at a little elevation from the floor with hidden cistern inside a wall or a unit. The visible space makes the bathroom look spacious and easy to clean. The modern quicky and neat look have made them a popular choice among the interior designers and house owners. The elevation height of the wall-hung toilets depends on the specific requirement of the users. Wall Hung Toilet can be an installation at a comfortable height for the people with challenged mobility. Wall hung toilets are not as straight forward to install as other types and need professional help.
comfort height toilet styles

Comfort Height Toilets styles

Comfort height toilets specially designed for people with limited mobility. These toilets are a little taller than the regular bathroom. The extra height relieves the pressure on the joints while using the toilet. Comfort height toilets are an ideal solution for such users to give them as stress-free and comfortable experience as possible.
Short Projection Back To Wall toilet WC-Unit

Short Projection Toilets styles

Short projection toilets are the space-savvy solution for the bathroom tight on space. The short projection efficiently saves the precious floor space for comfortable movement and other bathroom fixtures. The toilet is projected to the smallest yet comfortable length making it perfect for a cloakroom bathroom.
Corner Toilet Styles

Corner Toilets styles

Corner toilets specially designed to fit into the otherwise useless corner space of the bathroom. They are the ideal solutions where saving space is a premium such as a cloakroom and compact bathrooms. The cistern and toilet with triangular back angle are neatly tucked into the corner thus, making most of the available space. Besides being the space-efficient option, corner toilets bring similar aesthetic and practical benefits to the bathroom interior.
Rimless Toilet Styles

Rimless Toilets styles

The most efficient and modern rimless toilets are rapidly growing in demand due to their sleek modern look and unrivalled practical benefit. It is the most hygienic and easy to clean when compared to the average bathroom designs. No rim means no space for dust and bacteria to accumulate with the benefit of the exceptionally powerful flush. The latest flushing technique makes it superior to rest of toilet variations. Even with the powerful flush system, the rimless bathroom uses water sparingly that makes it an eco- friendly choice as well as an economical choice in the long run. Almost all high-end brands offer an extensive range of rimless toilets in a variety of finishes to suit most bathroom decor.