Make your kitchen brilliantly reliable with Blanco Ceramic Sink!

Make your kitchen brilliantly reliable with Blanco Ceramic Sink!

Blanco Ceramic Sinks

Add Timeless Elegance to your Kitchen with Blanco Ceramic Sinks

Blanco is an internationally renowned brand with head office and manufacturing plants based in Germany. They produce a vast portfolio of kitchen products such as sinks, taps and other accessories. Their commitment to high-quality standards is one reason behind the popularity and success of Blanco. They have hard-earned the leading position through continuously introducing innovation to the design and functionality in their versatile sink ranges. Blanco produces a vast collection of ceramic sinks in a variety of sizes and colour to match most of kitchen spaces and styles from classic to modern.
The attractive appearance and glazed surface finish of Blanco ceramic sink create the focal point of your kitchen décor. Sophisticated production methods with expert craftsmanship promise a quality that exceeds the expectation of the client and market. The superior quality material and finish ensure the sink appears like new even after years of heavy use.

Blanco Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

Key Features of a Blanco Ceramic sink

Easy to Clean and maintain

The impervious surface of high-quality ceramic is easy to clean and maintain. You can simply use a sponge dipped into a regular washing-up liquid to clean it away gently. Do not use abrasive chemicals and make sure to wash away the detergent from the surface using water and then dry using a microfiber cloth. By following proper cleaning and maintenance instructions, the Blanco ceramic sink can retain its gleam for years to come.


The hard and impervious surface of a ceramic sink leaves no pores for microbial growth, making it highly-hygienic for use.

"The ceramic used in sink construction: Fired up at very high temperatures of over 1200 degrees that make it repellent to the bacteria, acidic fruit juices, food colouring."

Heat and impact resistant

The hard-wearing nature of ceramic material is highly resistant to heat up to 280 degrees. There is no chance of discolouration if you put a hot pan or something frozen. You can position the sink in direct sunlight to enjoy the warmth while working without worrying about colour fading.

Scratch and Acid Resistant

Blanco ceramic sinks are resistant to scratches and acids thanks to the robustness of premium quality material used. It gives you a scratch-free Kitchen Sink that is also resistant to the food acids.