Single Ended Vs Double Ended Bath

Single Ended Vs Double Ended Bath

difference between single ended vs double ended bath

Difference between Single Ended & Double Ended Bath

The bath is usually the centrepiece of most bathrooms. So, when choosing a perfect fit, you not only consider the style and appearance of the tub but also the practicality. Based upon the intended use of the bathtub you can choose either a single or double ended bath.

Have a look at the handy tips below to weigh up the pros and cons of both types.

Single Ended Bathtub

Single Ended Bath

Single-ended is the most common type of bath and feature a tap and waste at one end of the tub which is usually vertical. In most of the cases, the taps are fitted directly above the waste. The opposite side of the tub has a gentle slope for comfortable neck and back support to ensure a relaxing bath. Single-ended baths are a great choice for single person use. On most of these baths you can have installed a shower valve and bath screen so that it may be used as a shower bath.
Double Ended Bathtub

Double Ended Bath

In double-ended baths, both sides of the bathtub have a gentle slope to support back and neck. The tap and waste are fitted in the centre of the bath to open both sides providing enough room for two people to bathe together. The central position of the bath gives you more space to stretch out while soaking and enjoying a comfortable bath. These baths are particularly an excellent choice for a taller person due to the extra internal space. The generous volume makes double-ended baths a superb choice for families with small children.

Freestanding baths are mostly double-ended as they have the freedom of tap placement and beautifully fit into traditional aesthetics. Though you can also find an inset double-ended bath perfect for a compact space.

Choosing between double or single-ended bathtubs solely depends on your personal preference. If you want a versatile bath with space for two or you have a small family with children, a double-ended bath will be an excellent choice. But if you need a bath for individual use for compact space that can be sometimes used as a shower bath then a single-ended bath is a great choice.