Buying Shower Enclosure Guide By Banyo Bathroom Store

Buying Shower Enclosure Guide By Banyo Bathroom Store

Buying Shower Enclosure

Right Shower Enclosure for the bathroom is not always a straight forward selection. The Key feature of bathroom interior is the shape and design of a shower enclosure which has a considerable impact on the final look and functionality.
Thus, it is worth considering certain factors to avoid selecting a wrong shower enclosure. We have designed this brief shower enclosure buying guide planning your shower enclosure by choosing the right type of door, panel, and tray options.

Significant Factors In Planning a Shower Enclosure

Consider the Available Space

Space is the most crucial factor that can affect the choice of a shower enclosure. So, it is always advisable to evaluate the available space before looking at the other details. Decide where you want your shower enclosure to go in your bathroom as the choice of enclosure components depends on where you have planned to put the shower. When deciding where to install the shower enclosure, consider the need for additional space required to open and close the door.

One wall two panels

For a large spacious bathroom, a shower enclosure installed in the middle of one wall with two side panels and one door panel.

Two walls one panel

To save space, you can fit the shower enclosure in a corner space between two walls. You will need one side panel and one door panel.

Three walls

In this case, you will only need one front door panel to create a shower enclosure. After deciding where to put the shower enclosure, the next thing is to measure available space. Use a tape measure to take the exact measurement of the dimensions.

Consider the shape of the Shower Enclosure

Square Shower Enclosure

Square shower enclosure

The square shower cubicle fitted into the Bathroom corner space with one wall and two side panels these are the most suitable option for small bathroom spaces. You can find a large variety of sizes, door styles and finishes to match your bathroom décor. They are a practical solution to utilize corner space.

Rectangular Shower Enclosure

Rectangular shower enclosure

The rectangular shower enclosure is the most suitable option for larger space bathrooms, installed with two panels and one wall.

Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Quadrant shower enclosure

A quadrant shower enclosure fits into the corner space and is a space-efficient solution for smaller bathrooms. The outer curved shape provides luxurious space and looks stylish and modern.

Type of doors

After deciding the shape of the shower enclosure, it is crucial to select the type of door. A wide range of door options is available in the market. You can choose a left or right hinged door depending on your preference.

Bi-fold door

Bi-fold door consists of two panels that fold up, saving additional space needed to open the door. If your bathroom has limited space available, the bi-fold door is an ideal choice.

Sliding door

Used with the square or rectangular enclosure, sliding door with two or three panels are ideal for smaller bathrooms. More panels offer more space for easy in and out of the shower area. The door slides open the space for entry and do not take any additional space around the enclosure.

Walk-in showers

Walk-in showers created with one or two fixed shower screens that add a luxurious touch to the bathroom. You can select straight, curved or L-shaped shower screens depending on the shape and style you want for your walk-in shower.

Choosing a shower tray

You can fit the shower enclosure directly to the floor to create a wet room or select a shower tray. If you are replacing an old shower enclosure, you may have an already fitted shower tray. Shower trays come in a variety of shapes, styles, and depths. To create a traditional look, you can add a high walled, deep tray while for a contemporary finish, an ultra-low-profile shower tray is an ideal selection.