Steel bath Vs Acrylic baths - Which is the Better Choice?

Steel bath Vs Acrylic baths - Which is the Better Choice?

Steel bath Vs Acrylic baths

A good bathtub is the one in which you can enjoy a relaxing bath, especially after a day. Choosing a bathtub can be a little tricky due to the plethora of choices available in terms of functionality, shapes and materials. You can select from conventional straight baths to luxurious free-standing ones. Most of these baths are available in both acrylic and steel construction. There are various factors to consider before deciding whether acrylic or steel would be the right choice for you.

Steel Baths

Steel Baths vs Acrylic baths

Price: A steel bath is usually a little more expensive when compared to an acrylic one.
Strength: Technically steel is a harder material than acrylic and which is why a steel bath usually lasts longer. The hard-wearing nature of steel adds high resilience against impact, scratches, and stain from daily use.
Enamel coating finish: Most of the steel bath ranges have enamel coating finishes that give them a gleamy white finish adding to their luxurious look. The drawback of an enamel coating is that it is easier to chip and scratch so just a little extra care and maintenance would be required. If properly maintained, a steel bath can give you years of comfortable bathing.
UV protection: The enamel coating makes steel baths resistant to UV rays ensuring the colours do not fade and the bath maintains its new fresh look even after years of use.
Hygienic: The non-porous surface of a steel tub leaves no space to harbour germs and prevents microbial growth.
Eco-Friendly: Steel is a natural raw material and is 100% recyclable making steel bath an eco-friendly choice.
Cold to touch: Steel being a good heat conductor loses warmth more quickly and usually feel just a little colder to the touch. However, once you fill the bath with hot water, they are more likely to retain heat for a longer period of time than an acrylic bath.

Acrylic Baths

Acrylic baths vs Steel Baths

Price: Acrylic baths are in the main more competitively priced whilst at the same time providing almost the same features and design aesthetics as a steel bath. So, if you have a tight budget and are looking for a good bath, an acrylic one is a wise selection.
Strength: With the latest technology and construction methods, acrylic baths are just as robust as steel baths. Most of the acrylic baths are built with layers of fibreglass with wooden frame support to add more strength to the construction.
Wider variety of shapes and styles: Acrylic material is easier to mould into a variety of shapes and designs than steel. Thus, you will find more variety of shapes and styles with an acrylic construction compared to steel and usually at lower prices.
Hygienic: Acrylic baths are hygienic and easy to clean and maintain due to their non-porous nature.
Warmer to the touch: Acrylic is not a good conductor and means that it does not lose warmth to the surroundings and feels warmer to the touch. You can enjoy a long warm relaxing bath without having to top up with hotter water to regulate the temperature of the water in the bath.