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Having the baths in your bathroom always seems nice as you can take many health benefits by getting a long hot bath in your bathtub. Soaking yourself for a long good time in a hot bath improves your blood circulation as the water will create a physical pressure on your body increasing your heart capacity. Not only that, taking a long hot bath also get your body relaxed that helps you fall asleep for good relaxing time. Above all, hot baths also help in reducing high blood pressure as well as remaining in the bath for 20-30 minutes for daily basis in a month let you lose your extra weight up to 2 kilos. Thus having a bathtub in your bathroom comes with many benefits. Mostly people think that baths are manufactured to be placed in the master bathrooms but this trend has been changing as there are new models of baths that can be placed into the bathrooms with tight spaces. Banyo now offers a wide range of baths available in the collections of straight baths, corner baths, shower baths, traditional baths, oval baths, freestanding baths, whirlpool baths, steel baths, acrylic baths, L-shaped baths, P-shaped baths and straight shower baths

Straight baths

From £108.03
270 item(s)

Corner baths

From £209.30
23 item(s)

Shower baths

From £156.60
40 item(s)

Traditional baths

From £424.80
25 item(s)

Oval Baths

From £1,181.56
14 item(s)

Free standing baths

From £355.07
76 item(s)

Whirlpool baths

From £472.50
56 item(s)

Bath screens

From £49.70
46 item(s)

Bath panels

From £55.66
1 item(s)

Bath Wastes and Drainer

From £34.45
12 item(s)