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Gazco Fires

Gazco Fires

Gazco have been producing the highest quality stoves, fires and fireplaces for over 30 years. Initially founded as Stovax Ltd in 1981 and producing wood burning stoves, Gazco was set up some years later to begin producing gas-fired versions. Today Gazco is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and distributors of wood burning stoves, gas burning stoves, electric fires, Gazco gas fires, fireplaces and accessories, and export their products worldwide. Here at Banyo, we want to help you to find the right Gazco products to suit your precise requirements, and for the right prices!

Gazco Gas Fires

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Gazco Electric Fires

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Gazco Stoves

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Built-in Fires

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Freestanding Fires

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Hearth Mounted Fires

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Wall Mounted Fires

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Gazco Accessories

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Fire Special Offers

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Gazco Fires

Gazco Fires is the sister company or subsidiary of the Stovax Ltd which was established in 1981, in Exeter UK. Gazco Fires was introduced by Stovax Ltd in the year of 1988, and since then Gazco has been manufacturing the finest and high-quality gas fires, electric fires, multi-fuel stoves,wood burner stoves and electric stoves. Going through the history of fireplaces and stoves it can be established very well that in the ancient times it was not an easy task for the homeowners to build the fireplaces in accordance to their own taste and design. However, Gazco Fires with its technological breakthrough is not only manufacturing the Modern and Traditional fireplaces and stoves but providing multiple fuel system in fire products.

Gazco Gas Fires and stoves

Gazco has been manufacturing the premium quality gas fires for more than 35 years. These Gazco fireplaces come at highly affordable prices and are quite user-friendly along with saving a lot of energy consumption. By engineering these modern gas stoves, Gazco has won the trust of many British households and has been considered the most liked brand in the UK.Gazco Fires has been manufacturing the contemporary gas fires & traditional fires which are easy to use and are very handy when it comes to their installation, or daily cleaning and maintenance. Gazco Fires has been manufacturing the best freestanding gas fires and freestanding gas stoves which don’t need any kind of installation. You can simply put these freestanding gas fires in any room or place at your home and enjoy their warmth. These freestanding gas fires are highly heat-efficient and save maximum energy consumption. They come in different finishing styles, sizes and are very resilient structure wise with long-lasting performance.

On the other hand, Gazco Fires is also manufacturing built-in gas fires which are designed and fashioned in such a way that they perfectly fit in the standard British fireplace cavities of 16”, 22” and 36”. Thus, even the built-in or inset gas fires by Gazco are proved to be user-friendly as the save you from the unnecessary construction work for the installation. Apart from their installation style, finishing and structure,these hole-in-the-wall gas fires are quite suitable for small size rooms,and are quite popular for their heat efficiency and performing qualities. Moreover, Gazco is also engineering wall-mounted gas fires or wall-hung gas fires, which are perfect for the houses without a fireplace cavity as you can mount these gas fires on the wall easily.

These gas fires by Gazco have different fire view styles as they are available in glass-fronted gas fires and open-front gas fires. Along with that, these high efficiency gas fires have different flue systems i.e. conventional flue and balanced flue. The balanced flue gas fires are more efficient in the heat output as compared to the conventional flue gas fires. The interiors of these modern fireplces are also provided in different styles as black reed lining, black glass lining, brick effect lining and vermiculite lining all enhancing the beauty and décor of your gas fire. Moreover, these gas fires have different operating system options as some of them have manual controls and some have a remote control system. The popular and well-liked ranges of Gazco gas fires Riva, Studio and Vision.

Gazco Electric Fires and Electric Stoves

Apart from manufacturing the gas fireplaces and gas stoves, Gazco is now engineering the new electric fire suites and cast iron electric stoves at very reasonable prices. Like the gas fires these modern electric fireplaces by Gazco also include different fuel bed options like wood effect fuel bed, coal effect fuel bed and stone effect fuel bed. The plus point of these Gazco electric fires is that they are highly-efficient in heat output without producing any harmful smoky fumes; therefore, they are perfect for those who don’t want to take the risk with smoke fumes. By getting these modern & traditional electric stoves you will be able to enjoy the nature indoors even in the freezing winters. Besides this, you can also enjoy these Gazco Electric Fires even in the summers by switching off the heat effect. Hence, they will provide you with a beautiful background at special occasions and events held at your home.

These modern electric fires and electric stoves by Gazco have different installation options for they are available as wall-mounted electric fires, hearth-mounted electric fires,inset electric fires and freestanding electric stoves. These electric fires and stoves come in different sizes, styles and finishing. Some of them have glass finishing with multiple colour options, some are made of cast iron with different finishing colours and some have stainless steel finishing available in various colours. These electric fires by Gazco include different heat settings, brightness levels and operating systems. These Gazco Electric Fires feature mostly 2 heat settings and 12 brightness levels with LED fire display but some of them also have 4 brightness levels excluding the LED fire display. Furthermore, these electric fires have different operating system options as some of them have manual controls and some have a remote control system. The most popular electric fireplace range includes Riva2, Radiance and Studio and popular electric stoves ranges manufactured by Gazco are Ashdon, Stockton, Huntingdon and Marlborough.

Gazco Multi-Fuel and Wood Burning Stoves

Gazco Fires has been manufacturing the finest and most efficient multi-fuel stoves featuring different fuel options i.e. log burners and solid fuel burners.These contemporary multi-fuel stoves are highly efficient in heat output and are robust structure wise. Most of the modern stoves manufactured by Gazco are made of cast iron and are freestanding in style. These wood burning stoves are highly cost effective as produce instant heat and save maximum energy consumption. Gazco Fires are well-liked in the UK households for manufacturing the small wood burning stoves which can be adjusted even small spaces of a house. These solid fuel stoves and log burning stoves manufactured by Gazco feature Airwash technology and Cleanburn technology for the automatic cleaning of unreachable parts of these multi-fuel stoves. These modern multi-fuel stoves come in different sizes and styles and the most popular ranges of these modern stoves are Ashdon, Stockton, Huntingdon and Marlborough.

Hence, considering all the options, whether you want to buygas fires and stoves, multi-fuel fires and stoves or electric fires and stoves, Gazco is the best option available for you. As Gazco Fires is practically the leading and well-admired brand in manufacturing the finest fire products in the UK. Gazco Fires has been producing the traditional as well as contemporary fires and stoves to complement all styles of homes whether traditional or modern. All the fire products manufactured the Gazco fires are certified to be safe to use regarding health concerns and are very efficient in the heat output while consuming very low energy.

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