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Bosch Kitchen Appliances

Bosch, strategically manufacturing products with quality and uniqueness, is the largest manufacturer of Household Products in Europe. Simplifying life by bringing forward their groundbreaking innovations of Modern Appliances is a reason of their success in the respective home market. The range of their products extends from Bosch Ovens, Bosch Hobs, Bosch Hoods, Bosch Dishwashers, Bosch Washers Dryers and Bosch Refrigerators Freezers to Small Appliances (Consumer Products) such as Vacuum Cleaners, Coffee Machines, Electric Kettles, Irons and Hairdryers. They provide services, with the added value of performance, convenience and user-friendliness, to their customers.

Bosch Ovens

From £317.39
39 item(s)

Bosch Microwaves Ovens

From £286.29
18 item(s)

Bosch Hoods

From £89.78
45 item(s)

Bosch Hobs

From £156.93
46 item(s)

Bosch Laundry

From £623.70
4 item(s)

Bosch Cooling

From £404.10
24 item(s)

Bosch Coffee Machines

From £0.00
0 item(s)

Bosch Warming Drawers

From £388.08
2 item(s)

Bosch Dishwashers

From £348.50
17 item(s)

Bosch Accessories

From £27.57
26 item(s)
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