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HIB Bathroom

HIB has a short but very convincing introduction in the world of bathroom accessories. A slow but gradual growth of twenty-five successful years has made HIB a shining star in the world of ceramics. Directors of this leading brand summarise HIB in just three words quality, innovation, and service.Warren Ginsberg established a small bathroom mirror business in 1990 and now its expansions are difficult to count. The products of HIB including mirrors, fans, Bathroom Cabinets, ventilation, and lighting can be seen everywhere in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. Quality is the highest priority of HIB said by Nigel Knapton, technical and facilities director of HIB. It guarantees you not to be disappointed as HIB is helping you for making your bathroom beautiful for so many years.

HIB Mirrors

HIB is working as an innovative market leader and that is why the mirrors rendered by HIB allow you to take the limelight. A mirror isn’t just an essential addition in your bathroom fairly, they can add a real ‘wow factor’ to the concept of your bathroom and which is possible only through HIB Mirrors.There are unique on and off built-in switches in these mirrors that are true examples of innovation. More on, these HIB mirrors can be pulled to turn on as well as can push to turn off. They have unique 3x magnification, LED illumination, and IP44 rating. These pure magnifying mirrors are acomplete blend of creativity, innovation, and functionality. These bevelled LED bathroom mirrors have bevelled edges and diagonal brilliant cut design so they are ideal for lightening up any bathroom or cloakroom. HIB bathroom mirrors portrait steam free as the efficient coating on it does not allow steam to stay on it. Charging sockets and adjustable touch switches are also rendered with these HIB mirrors. Music mirrors and magnifying mirrors of HIB are also quite famous due to their distinctive functions.

HIB Bathroom Cabinets

HIB bathroom cabinets are simply opening doors to innovation. They can not only add a calm ambience but they will help to maintain a discreet and neat finish. These bathroom cabinets usually come with charging socket and soft close hinges. More on, they render LED colour temperature changing door and sensor switch.These easy to install bathroom cabinets can effortlessly transform your space into calming oasis. Bathroom cabinets with mirrors and bathroom cabinets with lights can prove a very helpful addition in any bathroom.

HIB Ventilation

The decent ventilation is the need of any bathroom so HIB ventilation will help you going with the flow. A beautiful bathroom shouldn’t be ruined by damp and mould so the HIB ventilation will not leave any point for splashing out.High-quality manufacturing is the secret behind the success of HIB bathroom fans, so quality is always on priority for HIB. Lighting and fans are added in its ventilation range including high powered inline fans, warm white LED lamp, and slim shower light fascia. A single flick of switch can change the feel and look of entire bathroom and that’s what HIB lighting can do for you. Wall mounted bathroom extractor fans are easy to install and they have perfect extraction rates as well as they produce very low noise due to the minimised decibels. Bathroom Ceiling fans also look great as they have illumination system option along with effective extraction rates.