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Carisa Aluminium Radiators

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Carisa Stainless Steel Radiators

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Carisa Steel Radiators

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Carisa Bespoke Radiators

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Carisa Heated Towel Rails

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About Carisa

In today’s world where value for money is high up on most people’s list the buying process does not have to be too complicated. Carisa has put its best efforts to combine a user’s expectations to the quality of its products whilst maintaining very competitive selling prices.Like similar design-led companies, CARISA also gives significant importance to introducing new technologies and innovations into the design of its products to maintain a unique product mix in its offering.

Carisa Radiators Ltd has maintaineditsgrowing reputation gained over more than 40 years of trading, has now introduced its subsidiary brand CARISA. Carisa Radiators has been manufacturing world-class heating products blending them with innovations and technology in designs.CARISA offers a variety of heating products such as Carisa heated towel rails, Carisa radiators, and ornamental accessories with a blend of modern and innovative technological initiatives

With the arrival of CARISA products into the market, the heating world has witnessed a strong competitor to contend with. CARISA radiators with their high-efficiency are now used across the world by a large number of architectural developments as well as complexes.CARISA with its long-term working experience with a large number of architects on the international stage has earned it many dedicated architectural partnerships on numerous huge projects.

CARISA is now delighted to offer you its entire collection of products along with a wide range of radiators and accessories made of aluminium. These products come in different styles, sizes, and colours while providing you with the benfit of heat as well as looks.

CARISA Heated Towel Rails

CARISA with its extensive experience in the field of heating products now manufactures the finest high-quality heated towel radiators. Carisa heated towel rails will not only provide you warm towels but also will bring excitement into your bathroom. With Carisa you have a variety of heated towel rails available to select from as there are Carisa aluminium towel rails with particularly high-efficiency heat output and also Carisa stainless steel towel rails having high heat output along with the element of elegance. Carisa designer towel rails are available in different styles and sizes including horizontal towel radiators. These traditional towel radiators may be mounted on the coldest wall of the bathroom to ensure excellent heat circulation throughout the bathroom. The Carisa heated towel rails collection comprises of Adore, Ajax, Alias, Arlen, Baron, Eclipse, Fame, Fori, Herring, Ivor, Jazz, Kare, Klips, Nile and Nixie Bath.

Carisa Steel Radiators

Carisa Steel radiatorsoffer maximum functionality and highly efficient heat output. Therefore, to make the appearance and design of your bathroom more vivid and eye-catching it would be nice to finish off the bathroom by complementing it with a smart and unique Carisa steel radiator. These modern radiators are available in two styles,horizontal radiators and vertical radiators. These Carisa wall-mounted radiators are an ideal selection not only for your bathrooms but also for other living spaces of your home. The Carisa steel radiators have an array of products that includes the Aldo, Anika, Antara, Barkod, Carla, Edward, Electra, Floris, Frame, Gradient, Mayra, Nero, Nile, Rita, Rope, Trojan, Victoria, Vintage and Zara.

Carisa Aluminium Radiators

Carisa aluminium radiators are eco-friendly and highly efficient. As compared to moderate steel material Carisa aluminium radiators are up to three times more efficient in their heat output as aluminium is a highly efficient conductor of heat. These aluminium radiators are light in weight along with being highly resistant to.  The utilization of extrusion in the production of these contemporary radiators brings longevity and sturdiness to them. They are available in two main styles,wall-mounted and on the flooralong with having various colour options and different sizes. The most popular ranges are Elite, Elliptic, Elvino, Envoy, Fame, Gaia, Karo, Monza, Nemo, Nixie, Otto, Oval, Play, Quadro, Soho, Step, Tubo, Vesta, and Wave.

Carisa Stainless Steel Radiators

A majority of the world’s successful radiator designers utilise the best materials in the manufacturing process. There is absolutely no doubt that stainless steel is one the best and most durable materials. CARISA, with its years and years of experience has been employing the use of this material in the manufacturing of Carisa stainless steel radiators. CARISA usesthe ‘Tig Welding’ technique along with argon gas to make these stainless steel radiators long-lasting and leakage free. These modern radiators are manufactured from 100% stainless steel and are available in both horizontal and vertical styles. These Carisa stainless steel radiators have high-efficiency heat output and come in two main installation styles as wall-mounted radiators and floor-standing radiators. Carisa stainless steel radiators are available in a wide range that consists of Adagio, Adore, Alias, Eclipse, Fortuna, Herring, Ibiza, Iguana, Ivor, Jazz, Kare, Klips, Mistral, Roni, Sarp, Snowflake, Stripe, Swing, Talent and Vivi.

Bespoke Radiators

CARISA with its extensive experience and with the approach of thinking out of the box has now introduced its collection of Carisa bespoke radiators. Modern radiators are an ideal choice for those homeowners who want to get radiators that are unusual and unique. CARISA now provides a bespoke service, which means that you can now place your special order to get the custom-made bespoke radiators and the design, size and heating capacity that you require. Carisa’s design team put their best efforts in to providing you with a beautifully finished product. All you need to do is to select from the wide ranges of the Carisa design radiators and give details of you exact size requirements and they will redesign theradiator accordingly. CARISA is resourceful enough to offer you the desired bespoke radiators whether you want it with a classic or modern design. Whatever choice you make, rest assured that these bespoke radiators manufactured by CARISA will be a piece of art for your home. These Carisa bespoke radiators include theAbaco, Arco, Brico, Castor, Clash, Clasico, Domino, Eldorado, Exodus, Flap, Grace and Image and many others. 

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