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Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures

To have a Shower experience that's as generous and soothing as an elongated bath, walk in Enclosures are for those who take their shower earnestly. It takes up the same space as a bath and has no doors, creating a delightful, exposed shower experience. Enclosures by Banyo integrate a drying area, so you'll never have to step out of the shower into cold air again. With Banyo in access, you can order these elegantly designed products with services being offered like, discounts, and fastest delivery services across UK with products escorting manufacturer’s guarantees.

Pivot Enclosures

From £93.80
18 item(s)

Hinged Enclosures

From £123.20
13 item(s)

Sliding Enclosures

From £98.70
24 item(s)

Bi-Fold Enclosures

From £119.70
18 item(s)

D-Shaped Enclosures

From £293.30
1 item(s)

Walk-in Showers

From £500.26
50 item(s)


From £123.90
48 item(s)


From £723.76
17 item(s)

Wet Rooms

From £58.20
63 item(s)

Corner Entry Enclosures

From £126.00
72 item(s)