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Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures aka shower cubicles are becoming the most basic necessity in the bathrooms nowadays. These shower enclosures are absolutely perfect for the bathrooms with small spaces but they are also well matched with the interiors of large bathrooms. In today’s busy world most people prefer to save maximum of their time rather than spending it by lazing into the long hot baths, so they prefer quick power shower and the ideal solution for it are the shower cubicles. Apart from this, the shower enclosures are highly hygienic and easy to maintain and clean with the safety glass used in their manufacturing. These shower enclosures also offer versatility as they are available in the marketplace in different designs like hinged shower enclosures, pivot shower enclosures, sliding enclosures, bi-fold enclosures, d-shaped enclosures, walk-in showers, quadrant enclosures, pentagon enclosures, wet rooms and corner entry enclosures. Banyo offer these shower enclosures at the best affordable prices and the best thing is that these shower cubicles are crafted by the most prominent and successful bathroom brands like Kohler, Matki, Ideal Standard and Nexus.

Pivot Enclosures

From £93.80
18 item(s)

Hinged Enclosures

From £123.20
13 item(s)

Sliding Enclosures

From £98.70
24 item(s)

Bi-Fold Enclosures

From £119.70
18 item(s)

D-Shaped Enclosures

From £293.30
1 item(s)

Walk-in Showers

From £500.26
50 item(s)


From £123.90
48 item(s)


From £723.76
17 item(s)

Wet Rooms

From £58.20
63 item(s)

Corner Entry Enclosures

From £126.00
63 item(s)