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Towel Radiators

Towel Radiators

Banyo doesn’t only specialize in radiators, but the Towel Rails are also some of their blockbusting products it supplies. These towel rails set up a stunning focal point and generate great heat output to warm up the rooms in a gentle way. These Towel Rails are available in many colors, sizes, shapes and designs. The majority of styles are available for use on central heating systems, rest are modeled for use as electric only, or can be converted to dual fuel versions. The towel rails are highly resistant to corrosion and are designed in a way to complement all contemporary and classic styles. They are engineered to amalgam flawlessly into the contemporary as well as classic styles, whether fixed in a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or guest washroom. Banyo is the largest retailer supplying Hudson Reed, Reina, Zehnder, Premier and Phoenix products by renowned brands with fastest delivery services, great discounts and brands’ original warranty cards.

Heated Towel Rails

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Electric Towel Rails

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