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Wood Burning Stove

Banyo for many years has been offering the best wood burning stoves for those who have the paranoia of destroying the atmosphere if they use the other stoves like gas or multi-fuel stoves as these stoves give a way to harmful smoke fumes and gasses to mix into the air. While another plus point of using the wood burning stoves is that the wood burning releases CO2 into the air which is the basic need in the plantation process as the trees consume it in photosynthesis along with releasing oxygen into the air. Besides this, these wood burning stoves feature the innovative Cleanburn technology to give out smoke free heat along with Airwash System to keep the glass door as well as other parts of these stoves clean. These wood burning stoves come in different installation options as there are inset wood burning stoves, wall-mounted wood burning stoves, suspended wood burning stoves and freestanding wood burning stoves. With an excellent heat output and high-efficiency rating the wood burning stoves have manual command controls and programmable thermostatic remote control. These wood burning stoves also come in different finishing materials like stainless steel, cast iron, glass and chrome with various colour options. Not only that these wood burning stoves also have various fire-view styles i.e. front-view wood burning stoves, corner/2-sided wood burning stoves and panoramic view wood burning stoves. The most famous ranges in wood stoves are as DIK GEURTS wood burning stoves, AGA wood burning stoves and Gazco wood burning stoves.

Wood Burning Stoves

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