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Laufen Palace Collection

Laufen Palace Collection

    Laufen palace collection range includes an array of bathroom furniture, washbasins, bathtubs and vanity unit design to bring a timeless classic character to the bathroom decor. The Laufen Palace Collection of washbasins can be cut to a suitable size at the factory to fit the bathroom of every space and style.

  • Variety of washbasins in Palace range come with ceramic tabs underneath to offer an open, easy to clean and accessible storage area ideal for small hotel bathrooms.
    Laufen Palace washbasins are with organic aesthetics of ceramic for and geometric discipline feature a three-dimensional metal band to utilize as a towel rail. The bowls shaped softly merge smoothly to the adjacent surface, adding the purest form of emotion to the design. While offering the flexibility of customization of washbasin bowl size, Laufen palace range includes an assortment of single washbasins in standard dimensions. The single washbasin with timeless beauty oozes the highest level of sophistication and luxury.
    These Single washbasins are combined with ceramic semi pedestals to conceal the plumbing. It can also be installed with a vanity unit to create a clean look with the practical benefit of additional storage space. To meet the requirement of compact bathroom spaces, Palace offers a portfolio of small washbasins, bidets, and WCs with soft closing and antibacterial coating.

Laufen Palace

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LAUFEN Palace Collection - Timeless classic, designed for the future

Laufen Palace Collection

Laufen Palace Collection is a timeless classic, designed for the future. Palace Collection also consists of a single washbasins in standard dimensions and expert solutions for compact washbasin sections and guest bathrooms.