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Excellent choice of sink designs offered in a wide range of durable materials, shapes, and sizes. Franke has absolute confidence in the unparalleled quality of their Sinks and other Franke products such as Taps, Cooker Hoods and Accessories. Because they are confident that their products are of the highest caliber, That's why Franke offers a 50-year guarantee against any manufacturing defects.  Franke 1.5 Bowl Sink are available at High quality manufacturing. Easy to install and maintain. If you're looking for a new sink or other kitchen products, consider Franke because of its exceptional quality and long-lasting durability.

Franke Sinks

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Why Franke?

Franke is a brand that has manufactured products of high quality and functionality since 1911, making it a prestigious and well-trusted brand. Franke belongs to the Artemis Group, exporting its products to over 100 countries, and has used over 9000 people. From modern to traditional design, every sink produced by Franke offers exquisite craftsmanship. Let your dreams run free with exciting and stunning range products which will give a more spacious and timeless look to your kitchen.

Why do Franke Kitchen Sinks Make a Difference?

Mentioned below are just a few wonderful little details about Sinks by Franke, which will help you in completing your perfect kitchen.

Deeper Stainless Steel Bowls: Easy to clean and offers extra space without compromise.
Advance Waste Systems: Sinks are Equipped with stainless steel basket strainer wastes which prevent food particles from clogging the drainage system. Underneath the sink, the Franke waste kits may include features such asSanitized® anti-bacterial properties and fast-flowing air vent systems. While making sure they are as low-profile as possible, allowing you to enjoy extra cupboard space.
Push-Button Pop Waste: The simple and smart way to empty the bowl without submerging your hands into a sink full of dirty water.
Heat & Sound Insulation: It reduces the sound of the water running into the bowl and keeps the water warmer for longer periods

How Many Types of Kitchen Sink Installations Are Offered by Franke?

Franke is a well-known manufacturer of premium Kitchen Appliances, including flexible sinks. The company offers sinks that can be installed in 3 different ways to accommodate a variety of worktops because they understand that different kitchens may have different requirements when it comes to sink installation. 

Franke Corner Sink

Franke Inset sinks are installed from above into a pre-prepared hole in your worktop. Inset sinks are easy to install, and leave plenty of space for a drying rack. Franke Inset Sinks can be installed into a prepared hole from above. It is available in a wide range of options like Half Bowl, single bowl, one-and-a-half bowl and Double Bowl configurations with drainer options and different sizes and shapes such as a corner sink. Corner sinks are designed to fit neatly into a corner to maximise available kitchen space. Because they are available in a variety of sizes and materials, they are an excellent choice for smaller kitchens.



Franke Utility Sink

Utility Sinks, also known as laundry sinks or slop sinks, are large, deep sinks designed for heavy-duty cleaning procedures that require a large amount of water volume or area. These sinks are commonly found in laundries, garages, workshops, and other places where rigorous cleaning is required. The size and depth of utility sinks are two of their key advantages.

Because they are often larger and deeper than standard kitchen or bathroom sinks, they are ideal for soaking and cleaning bulky goods such as clothing, paintbrushes or gardening equipment. They are also more suited for cleaning chores that require a big volume of water, such as mopping or washing floors, due to their larger water capacity.


 Franke Belfast Kitchen Sink


Franke Belfast Sinks have been in existence for decades and feature a timeless and classic style. These sinks, often referred to as Butler Sinks or Farmhouse Sinks, are made to be installed beneath the countertop to produce a seamless and uninterrupted surface. Our sinks come in a variety of layouts to meet various demands.

You can purchase them with a single bowl, 1.5 Bowl or double bowl sink arrangement, depending on the size and design that best suits your requirements. This implies that you can quickly locate a kitchen basin that satisfies your unique needs for washing dishes, preparing food or cleaning up after meals.


Franke Undermount Sink    

Franke Undermount sinks are a perfect choice with the edgeless finish and are fitted underneath the work surface. It looks great when you combine it with wood, solid surface worktops or granite. Also available with a single bowl, double bowl and one and a half bowl configurations.




Franke Top Mount Kitchen Sink


Slim Top Sinks are designed specifically for kitchens with little counter space. Because of their low profile, these sinks are suitable for small kitchens or apartments. The thin edge of the sink is flat with the countertop to maximise counter space. Despite their modest size, these sinks provide ample surface for meal preparation and dishwashing.

Because they are often deeper than standard sinks, washing larger pots and pans is simplified. As a result, they are a popular choice for people who enjoy cooking or entertaining gatherings in their homes. They are available in a variety of materials and textures, including ceramic and stainless steel, so you may choose the one that best complements the style of your kitchen.


Franke Undermount Kitchen Sink


Top Mount Sinks installation entails inserting the sink into a hole in the countertop. It's also referred to as a self-rimming sink or a drop-in sink. When the sink is positioned on top of the countertop, it is supported by a rim or lip that surrounds its edge and sits on the countertop.

Drop-in sinks are a popular choice for do-it-yourself homes because they are simple to install and can be used with a variety of countertop materials. These sinks are generally a practical and affordable option for many homeowners in a number of kitchen layouts.

Choice of Materials by Franke

The high quality of the components utilized reflects our commitment to providing superior products to customers. Because they care about longevity and quality, whether it’s stainless steel sinks, granite sinks, or faucets.

Stainless Steel: It is a great choice for extreme temperatures. It looks both an elegant appearance and real practical benefits, including the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Stainless steel is usually preferred because of its rigidness ease of cleaning, heat resistance, and durability.

Fragranite (Granite composite): it stops bacteria from growing and improves hygiene levels. It can withstand temperatures of up to 280 degrees and maintains its original appearance throughout.

Ceramic: It is a perfect blend of design and nature, making it tremendously hard-wearing and incomparably smooth. It is available in many expressive shapes and delicate colours.

Tectonite: This finish is exceptionally resistant to heat, impact, and shock. It is 100% recyclable with its unique texture and granite-like appearance. You can easily place hot pans in your sink with worrying as Tectonite is heat resistant for up to 300 degrees and is protected against bacteria and stains.

Versions and Dimensions

At Banyo, we offer a wide range of Franke Sinks with a variety of dimensions and configurations. Whether you are looking for a Franke Single Bowl Sink, 1.5 Bowl Sink or  Franke Double Bowl Sink, we offer a solution for every kitchen.

This information will help you make an informed decision when purchasing your kitchen sink.