What do you want to know about Franke kitchen taps?

What do you want to know about Franke kitchen taps?

Franke Kitchen Taps

Franke kitchen taps - FAQ's

Q - Can I use all taps with a combi boiler?

A - Yes, all taps will work off a combination boiler as long as there is at least a supply of 1.0 bar pressure.

Q - How can I clean the taps in the best way?

A - You need to check the installation instructions enclosed with your tap. We have provided a PDF which can be downloaded for guidance. You should use only a mild detergent and a soft cloth.

Q - How can a spout be removed on Franke tap?

A - The most common ways to remove tap spouts are:

  1. Loosen the screw at the back of the tap
  2. Detach the collar at the joint with the body
  3. Locate lug in bayonet

Q - Should I be careful with water pressure while choosing a Franke tap?

A - The flow rate of water can be effected on the hot side of traditional vented plumbing systems. So Franke does not recommend for you to use ceramic disc taps where you find less than 4 metres head of water. Check with the manufacturer for combination boiler installations.

Q - Is it true that Ceramic disc mechanisms never go wrong?

A - Operationally, these discs can last for the life of the tap but this mechanism can be affected by hard water or water-borne particles. You can contact to the service agents of Franke to get replacement valve mechanisms.

Q - What dimensions of tailpipes are supplied with Franke taps?

A - they are of 15mm but you need to check the specification sheet of your particular tap.

Q - How long is the warranty on Franke taps?

A - A warranty of 5 years is provided on the valve mechanisms. 1 year is provided on the finish of taps but it is valid only on those products which are used in normal domestic conditions.

Q - What is SilkSteel PVD finish?

A - It means physical vapour deposition, and it is an industrial process that provides a robust and resilient finish to the tap by giving it a coating like an appearance. 

Q - Does a silk steel tap match with a silk finish stainless steel sink?

A - These taps complement stainless steel sink but not match exactly. These taps will compliment brushed finish appliances such as hob and an oven in your home. Franke stainless steel taps such as Valais, Eos, and Panto will provide a close match to a stainless sink.

Q - Why is the taste of my water salty?

A - Incorrectly, installed water softeners can cause salty taste and contaminate the water supply. Avoid drinking water from water softeners because there is a high level of salt in them. Always use a tap with softened water for drinking or cooking.

Q - What size of tap hole cut out is required for a Franke tap?

A - The industry-standard taphole cut out size is 35mm diameter which is required by most Franke Taps but there are several exceptions are:

  1. Taps require 2 x 25mm diameter tapholes for Bridge & Bridge lever.
  2. For Olympus Side Spray, the side spray requires 1 x 30mm tap hole, and the tap requires 1 x 35mm tap hole.
  3. For the Augusta 3 Hole Tap, 3 x 28-32mm diameter holes required for spout and 2 handles as well.
  4. 1 x 20mm diameter taphole is required in Franke FilterFlow mini.
  5. In Franke FilterFlow Hand Spray, the hand spray requires 1 x 30mm taphole, and the tap requires 1 x 35mm taphole.
  6. 1 x 25mm diameter hole is required by Soap Dispenser.