Space Saving Bathroom Ideas

Space Saving Bathroom Ideas

Space Saving Bathroom Ideas - Compact Bathrooms

Looking for space saving bathroom ideas? Whatever style of bathroom you love, if you’ve got a small space you’ll need some space saving bathroom ideas.

Whether it’s creating clever storage to clear that clutter, squeezing both a bath and a shower into a bijou bathroom, or using sneaky visual trickery to create a sense of space in a tiny bathroom, we’ve got a huge range of small bathroom solutions!


Combination units

Combination units are the queen of space saving bathroom ideas. Designed to eliminate wasted wall space, these units keep everything close together and accessible: simply add a bath or shower, and your room is complete.



Kirkwood Bow Front Left Hand Combination Unit


Whether you love a curved, classic style (Kirkwood Bow, 8594) or contemporary clean lines and sharp edges (Cuba, 13120), we’ve got a combination unit to suit. Measuring just 1200mm wide, these two popular combination units offer a two door cabinet below the basin for handy storage of day-to-day items, and they’re finished in a chic gloss white with a smooth, black work surface.


Storage furniture

Tall, slim storage units are an ideal addition to any small or very small bathroom. They take up hardly any floor space yet offer a massive amount of storage space inside, on account of their height.



Windsor 350 Tall Storage Unit


Our Windsor 350 storage unit (7687) is a case in point: standing just 352mm wide and 330mm deep, it’s a massive 1900mm tall and has four capacious internal shelves set at varying heights to accommodate a huge range of objects. Finished in high gloss white with chrome handles and soft close doors, it’s designed to fit in anywhere – visually as well as spatially.


Mirrored cabinets

Mirrored cabinets do two important jobs in a small bathroom. They’re great space saving units, since they’re generally slimline and tend to be positioned above the bathroom basin, where they use for handy storage a wall area that would otherwise be wasted; meanwhile, their mirrored front surface helps to create an impression of space as it bounces light around the room.



Aspen 90cm 3 Door White Mirror Cabinet


If you’ve got a really petite bathroom layout, space saving bathroom ideas will be ultra-important to you. A mirrored cabinet with a sliding door, like our stainless steel design (6666), is a bonus if you have limited space to step back and open a standard hinged door, while an exceptionally spacious cabinet like our Aspen three door white mirror cabinet (7061) could be the only piece of storage furniture your bathroom will ever need.


Wall hung sanitaryware (or furniture)


Installing wall hung sanitaryware or bathroom furniture is a clever way to make your bathroom seem bigger.



Paris Wall Hung Bathroom Suite


Bathroom suites like our Paris wall hung design (6828), comprising a sleekly curved wall hung semi pedestal basin and wall hung toilet for use with a concealed cistern, keep your bathroom floor clear so that you can see right to the edge in every direction – giving the room a much more spacious feel.


Corner suites


Corner bathroom suites are a staple for extra-small spaces like ensuites or downstairs cloakrooms, but they can be ideal for use in small main bathrooms, too.



Arc Corner Bathroom Suite


While corner sinks are sometimes considered a little small for use in a main family bathroom, corner toilets like our Arc model (6820) are brilliant space savers, allowing you to make full use of a corner that would otherwise become wasted space.

Shower baths

Opting for a shower bath means not having to choose between a bath and a shower – you can have both! Shaped to ensure a comfortable shower experience as well as a relaxing bath, shower baths come in three main styles (L shaped, P shaped and corner fitting) and in different lengths, too, so you can get the best fit for your bathroom.



Modern Left Hand 1500mm Shower Bath with Optional Panel


Our 1500 modern shower bath (2905) is a stylishly curved design that would fit in beautifully in a small bathroom with other curved sanitaryware or furniture: it’s P shape allows it to be both unobtrusive and elegant.


Quadrant shower cubicles

Finally, if you’d prefer a separate shower enclosure, one of the best shapes for a small bathroom (and one of our favourite space saving bathroom ideas) is a simple quadrant shower.

Aqualine 800 Quadrant Shower Enclosure And Optional Tray

The curved shower screen of enclosures like our Aqualine 800 quadrant shower enclosure (10990) ensures that this corner cubicle takes up the smallest amount of your bathroom floor space possible, yet there’s still plenty of elbow room inside. Tardis technology, in your bathroom!

“Whatever style of bathroom you love, if you’ve got a small space you’ll need some space saving bathroom ideas. Fortunately we’ve got something to suit every tiny bathroom, from a closet cloakroom to a master bathroom in miniature!”