Small Bathroom Design: Layout Ideas

Small Bathroom Design: Layout Ideas

Small Bathroom Design: Layout Ideas

A couple of days ago we looked at storage solutions for small bathrooms – and the way that good storage can actually make your bathroom seem more spacious.

Now it’s time to consider the best layout ideas for your small bathroom design.

Cloakroom bathroom

The ultimate in tiny bathrooms, a cloakroom bathroom can be hard to furnish. Constructed from space ‘stolen’ from other rooms, or squeezed in under a staircase, many downstairs cloakrooms are both small and awkwardly shaped.

Cloakroom Bathroom Toilet

Arc Corner Bathroom Suite

To make use of every bit of space, you need to get into every corner – literally. Get your small bathroom design off to an easy start with a corner bathroom suite like our stylish and streamlined Arc design suite, which – with its corner toilet and corner basin – can help you squeeze every centimetre of usable floor space out of your cloakroom.


To create a functional separate ensuite, a purely practical approach to both sanitaryware selection and layout ideas is often the solution.

Toilet & Basin Suite

Micro Corner Cloakroom Suite

A modern, space saving design with clean lines like our Micro corner cloakroom suite looks good and will fit neatly into a range of small spaces thanks to the short projection toilet and corner basin – but its design doesn’t, perhaps, have the flourish you’d be looking for if you were fitting the same size suite into a bedroom setting.

Ok, in a bedroom/bathroom scenario the toilet won’t be in full view – but your washbasin and other elements of your ensuite design, like a shower enclosure or freestanding bath, are likely to form part of the backdrop to your bedroom – so the sanitaryware in a shared space ensuite needs to have a little presence.

Micro Corner Cloakroom

Prima Right Hand Cloakroom Pack

Enter the Prima cloakroom pack. The WC is pleasingly space saving (leaving room for the more interesting elements of your design), and the basin has a clearly defined curve which sets it apart from many similarly proportioned sinks: the Prima’s a tiny cloakroom suite that’s big on style.

Small main bathroom

While a cloakroom needs just a toilet and basin, and an ensuite can be styled as a wet room or equipped with a small corner shower in order to serve its purpose, a home’s main bathroom needs to be kitted out for every eventuality.

This can make a lack of floor space seem like much more of a challenge – but there are ways to squeeze in all the essentials without sacrificing that all-important sense of space.

Small Main Bathroom

Plaza 325 Cloakroom Suite

Small, go-with-anything modern suites like our Plaza 325 cloakroom suite are best sellers in part because they cover the basics without any wasted space, leaving you room to squeeze in a shower bath (making your family’s shower lovers and bath-a-holics equally happy), spoil yourself with a super-sized shower, or splurge on a slipper bath.

Different spaces; similar approaches – but make it work for you

Although the three bathroom spaces we’ve looked at here have been different spaces for different uses, you’ll have noticed a theme running through all three – the compact bathroom suite. Every small bathroom design needs a toilet and basin – and small spaces require space saving solutions.

But your bathroom needs to work for you. Maybe you’d love a spa bath, or you dream of a steam shower – play around with layout ideas and choose the right space saving sanitaryware to turn your small bathroom design into your dream bathroom.

“Working on a small bathroom design? Need layout ideas? Stuck for space and on a budget? Cloakroom bathroom suites are the ideal solution for a huge range of tiny spaces”