Most Popular Kitchen Sink Ranges from Franke

Most Popular Kitchen Sink Ranges from Franke

popular kitchen sink ranges from Franke

Franke Kitchen Sink - Most Popular Ranges

Franke Neptune Sinks

Franke Neptune is a perfect balance of function, design, and form. You can say that this range is a wondrous masterpiece by Franke. Its stylish designing and incomparable features are unbeatable. Naturally, Kitchen sinks are durable, and if they are not, then your mood can be spoiled during food preparation. Franke Neptune not only makes your cooking preparation moments enjoyable but gives an ultimate pleasure. Inset sinks of this range are relatively easy to install. Made of stainless steel because of which it is a stain, corrosion and rust-resistant.

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Franke Sirius Sinks

Franke Sirius is one of the most outstanding ranges from Franke. The exceptional features and incredible designing of this range will prove a perfect addition to any kitchen. The trendy black finish and straight lines make this range very special. The new generation synthetic material, tectonite, is used in its manufacturing which provides durability and strength. The basket strainer waste and patented hygienic overflow are included. It provides simple and hygienic cleaning by removing the overflow. During your cooking preparation, it will prevent food particles from entering into the waste system.

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Franke Maris Sinks

The kitchen sink is the perfect starting point to create your dream kitchen. Franke Maris is an exceptional range from Franke which helps you to maximise space and accentuate the look of your kitchen. This ideal range is the perfect fit for your beautiful kitchen. Franke Maris are sinks with inset bowls and are easy to install. You just have to install the sink into a prepared hole and this process takes very little time. A few sinks from this range are made of fragranite with the rest of stainless steel. Both materials have their benefits. Stainless steel makes the sinks corrosion, rust, and stain resistant. Fragranite ensures enormous strength and resistance to heat, impacts, and germs. The superior craftsmanship of these sinks creates that great kitchen.

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Franke Mythos Sinks

Franke Mythos has minimalist lines and is considered as uncompromising. This range comes with a robust push-button knob pop-up waste and a free Rollamat. Style and elegance of your kitchen can be enhanced with Franke Mythos sink as this elegant creation revamps your kitchen in a luxurious manner and aids your kitchen setting. It gives a designer look to any kitchen and there are some sinks in this range which have two bowls to provide you with added practicality. There is no doubt of the durability of this range as it is made of fragranite which not only provides durability but stops bacterial growth too.

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Franke Ariane Sinks

Stylize your kitchen with a Franke Ariane sink. It combines large bowls with smooth modern lines and makes kitchen moments pleasing. The stainless steel finish of a Franke Ariane is a great choice for extreme temperatures. Franke Ariane is preferred because of its rigidness, ease of cleaning, heat resistance, and durability. It has a built-in waterprotection seal which prevents wastage of water and has been manufactured from premium-quality nickel steel which makes it corrosion and rust resistant.From high-quality material to exquisite craftsmanship, Franke’s sinks give you the quality you deserve.

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Franke Galassia

Franke presents an exquisite range of Galassia Kitchen sinks which have a silk finish and are constructed from nickel steel. The waste disposal unit of a Frank Galassiafrees your kitchen from unhygienic organic household waste. This range is compatible with any worktop and will prove an amazingly practical addition to your kitchen. The manufacturing of this range makes it very pleasing to the eye.The edge of the sinks in this incredible range are rolled over to meet the worktop and give long lasting functionality as they are corrosion –resistant.

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Franke Epos Sinks

Franke is maintaining its tradition of productsuperiority with the lavish Franke Epos sink. Franke Epos sink has the ability to meet all the requirements of the most fastidious homeowner. It can seamlessly blend with any kitchen decor and this latest creation has a useful large bowl. This range is available in an absolutely pore-free surface for easy cleaning and is very hygienic.It looks amazing with any kitchen without obstructing space. There is a passive protective layer on it due to the bonding with oxygen which continuously renews itself. With great convenience, it provides a patented hygienic overflow.

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Franke Largo Sinks

Franke Largo is designed and manufactured by one of the most trusted brands, Franke.Though its main function is providing a place for washing utensils but it can play a role as a centre piece also. You will find it useful when you combine it with wood, granite, or solid surface worktops. In any case, a Franke Largo sink will give you an uninterrupted surface with its edgeless finish is easy to clean. Crafting is from nickel steel which makes it corrosion and stain resistant. The contemporary silk finish of this range is elegantly styled and is a perfect choice for your beautiful kitchen because of its look and functionality.

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Franke Elba Sinks

Franke offers top quality in Elba stainless steel sinks with a large main bowl which gives extra workspace for the convenience of performing various tasks simultaneously. Top quality nickel steel is involved in the manufacturing of this range due to which it is resistant to corrosion, rust, and stains. This range comes with a basket strainer waste and swiss-edge profile. Its incredible design makes this product very attractive. It can handle any temperature and offers a timeless aesthetic. It is the go-to range for the professional chef as it is easy to clean, hygienic and durable.

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Franke Basis Sinks

Franke, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of kitchen sinks has brought you the Franke Basis sink with an interactive work of art that will add functionality and versatility to your kitchen area. The Franke Basis range is constructed from fragranite that contains around 80% granite and comes in a silksheen onyx finish for that attractive appearance. This incredible range is treated with sanitizer in order to reduce microbe and bacteria growth by 99%. As kitchens are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs due to the handling of food on almost daily so your hygiene standards should be high and this can be maintained by the Franke Basis sink as it has been manufactured according to high hygiene standards.

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Franke VBK Sinks

Franke VBK is an outstanding range because of its elegant designing and unique features. All sinks in this range are made of ceramic which is a hard-wearing and incomparably smooth material. The undermount kitchen sink Ceramic 1.5 Bowl and Belfast 1.0 Bowl Kitchen Sink Ceramic white are available in this range and can be installed according to your kitchen worktop. These sinks give you the quality you expect. They are heat and sound insulated which reduces the sound of water running into the bowl as well as keeping the water warmer for a longer time. The deeper bowls of Franke VBK give extra space without compromising the strength of bowl. It is an extraordinary range as it exceeds your expectations.

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Franke Utility 50 Sink

Franke Utility 50 undermount sink meets your real need of a multi-purpose bowl. You will find this range wonderfully effective because it is made from stainless steel and Is is the go-to range for professional chefs because it is hygienic, easy to clean and long lasting. A protective layer is formed on its surface which continuously renews itself. Franke Utility 50 sinks can withstand extreme temperatures and you shouldn’t worry about the rust because it is rust-resistant. The features of patented hygienic overflow allow easy cleaning and thus reduces cleaning time.

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Franke Rondo Sink

Franke Rondo is an outstanding range from Franke and can brighten up your kitchen instantly. It looks good in all types of kitchens whether you install it in a traditional kitchen or in modern one with nickel steel involved in its manufacturing which makes this range corrosion, rust, and stain resistant. Its standard profile comes with a roll over the edge which makes it suitable to any worktop. The inset installation of these sinks is very easy. The seamless finish of these sinks makes them special and they are not only unique in style but are very easy to use.

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Franke Rotondo Sinks

Franke Rotondo sinks available in a variety of colours and materials so you can pick your favourite. This range is a compact utility and is ideal for small kitchens. You can have this installed as an additional food preparation sink in the larger kitchen. The enchanting round shape of the sinks in this range are crafted from nickel steel which has exceptional rust, corrosion and stain properties. The brushed steel finish is very attractive. Franke Rotondo has inset and Undermount sinks which can be installed easily. Franke Rotondo looks incredible in polar white and graphite colours and the dimensions of these sinks are suitable enough to fit easily in any kitchen.

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Frank Orion Sinks

Imagine a kitchen sink that gives you great pleasure whilst you are using your kitchen. Well, Franke has turned your imagination into a reality by introducing the Franke Orion. The Orion sinks from Franke are not only durable but they are aesthetically pleasing. The material works as the backbone of any product and that is why Franke never compromises on the this Franke Orion kitchen sinks are made of tectonite which is a unique material and gives a minimalistic look. Sinks in this range from Franke have exceptional resistance to heat, impact, and shock. These sinks are an excellent choice for your stylish kitchen. Franke is working hard to deliver to you the perfect balance of comfort, functionality, and style for your kitchen.

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Franke Belfast Sinks

Bring home the ultimate kitchen luxury in the form of Franke Belfast sink. It has been designed to offer you total convenience for daily tasks. It’s efficient and reliable performance makes kitchen moments more comfortable. This ravishing range of sinks looks stylish and elegant with glossy white finish and suits most kitchen interiors.This range of sinks is makes your kitchen as unique as you are. Made from Ceramic which is a perfect blend of design and nature as well as feels tremendously hard-wearing and incomparably smooth. The expressive shapes and delicate colours of a Franke Belfast sink make it more extraordinary.

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Franke Corner Sink

Franke Corner kitchen sinks make your kitchen a place where you feel free to eat, cook, celebrate, entertain, and more. As Franke is one of the leading brands it amazes and inspires you through its beautiful and unique products. There is an advanced waste system that is makes your day more beautiful due to its superb quality in every detail from low profile waste kits to stainless steel basket strainer in order to give extra cupboard space. It has two bowls which makes very useful. Franke Corner has a push-button waste which allows a simple and smart way to empty the bowl so that there is no need to put your hands into a bowl of dirty water.

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Franke Laser

Franke laser Sink is a proud range from Franke as they have the ability to make your kitchen more sparkling with modern features and are a perfect choice for your kitchen with its stunning look and modern finish.As the kitchen sink is the heart of any kitchen so choosing a kitchen sink is quite a difficult task for many but Franke have made this easy with the introduction of this exciting range. The push-button pop up waste is provides a smart and simple way to empty the bowl without putting your hands into dirty water.

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