Kitchen Cooker Hoods by Blanco

Kitchen Cooker Hoods by Blanco

Blanco kitchen Cooker Hood

Cooker Hoods by Blanco

Note: Blanco cooker hoods are no longer available kindly, check out our latest range of high-quality cooker hoods from other brands.

Blanco Air Extractor Hood Solution

There is no doubt that many of us love to cook food for ourselves as well as for our loved ones. While cooking, the evocative smells stimulate our senses and can excite the appetite of anybody who is entering into the kitchen. But there is something unpleasant in pleasant aromas and that is the contamination of airborne such as grease and steam.

If you left unchecked such situation then there is a huge possibility that after few days you will find grease or dirt on your kitchen walls and furniture as it spreads easily and sticks at any place and is difficult to remove. To avoid spoiling the appearance of your kitchen, extractor hoods are recommended as an essential part of any kitchen design.

Blanco is one of the leading brands and it has been manufacturing comprehensive ranges of extractor hood solutions to facilitate your lives in the best way. There are built-in models together with chimney Cooker hoods, stainless steel Cooker hoods, Island Cooker hoods, Canopy Cooker Hoods,that not only add visual striking appeal to any kitchen but provide efficient extraction and air movement.

A major player of Cooker Hoods

Blanco is manufacturing its products according to the latest standards of manufacturing. The workforce and infrastructure of Blanco are efficient enough to provide the best results in the form of products. Over 3 million extraction hoods are produced every year and distributed to markets worldwide. Continued investment in technology and the latest design ensures that the quality of its products remains constant throughout the process of construction. Blanco’s struggle makes it able to deliver products of unrivalled performance in the kitchen.

All hoods producing by Blanco are according to the latest European standards. The sample products are frequently tested by using published criteria to measure the performance against recommended test standards.

Extraction or Re-circulation

The reason to design Blanco air extractor hoods is to extract air through a wall to the outside and to re-circulate filtered air back into the kitchen. As a general guide, large range hobs and cookers required which is wider than the actual cooking area. It will ensure you that the air around the cooking zone will receive a maximum draw from the hood motor.

Which size Ducting Kits recommended for best result

It is recommended you to use a minimum of 125mm diameter ducting to ensure maximum air movement for efficient air extraction. You should avoid long runs of ducting wherever is possible. With one or two 900bend, a maximum of 3 meters in length is recommended. These air extractor hoods have ‘replaceable’ semi-professional washable aluminium grease filters.

You can easily remove grease filters for cleaning. There is an acrylic disposable grease filter added in some of Blanco’s built-in hood range for providing you convenience. It is recommended to fit optional carbon filters for re-circulating. Before recycling the clean air back into the kitchen, it removes cooking smells from the filtered air. As a general guide, please consider your style of cooking. If you fry things a lot while cooking then a high extraction rate is required to efficiently extract the odours and grease. To maintain the extractor’s performance, the grease will require more frequent washing.

How to calculate the Extraction Rates

The size of the kitchen is also an important consideration for efficient extraction. Ideally, the volume of the air should be changed at least 12 times in an hour. In order to calculate the approximate requirements, multiple dimensions of the room Length x Width x Height i.e. L2.5m x W3m x H2.5m = 18.75m3, 18.75m3 x 12 times = 225m3/hour3. In this case, a hood should provide a minimum extraction of at least 225m3/ hour. The calculation does not take into account when venting to the outside as efficiency losses in the ducting.

Importance of Lighting for Kitchen Hoods

In order to improve the visibility in and around the cooking area, each extractor hood has a lighting system. 20-watt halogen spots, traditional incandescent bulbs at 40 watt or LED lights to give a perfect combination of a bright light that efficiently consumes low energy.

Blanco Motors for Extractor Hoods

The new range of Blanco has improved considerably in its design. The latest generation of motors has been created to show a fine balance between low noise emissions and high performance. ‘ Contour air flow’ ensures that with a minimum of negative turbulence the air flows through the motor. It will deliver optimum efficiency via all the speed settings. This increased efficiency will consume less energy due to low powered motors.

Operation Mode

Your kitchen layout normally decides to whether re-circulate or vent to the outside. The Blanco air extractor hood range is designed to extract the air and it is effective ducting takes the air through a wall to the outside. You can use these extractor hoods for re-circulating by adding carbon and ducting filters to reduce and neutralize cooking smells. Thinking based on the environmental considerations suggests that re-circulating filtered air will prevent any reduction in extraction efficiency and excessive heat losses by using long lengths of ducting.