5 Frequently asked questions about stainless steel

5 Frequently asked questions about stainless steel

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Five Frequently asked questions about Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Q - Can stainless steel sink scratching be stopped?

A - No, Stainless steel sinks always scratch whether you buy a Franke Sink reviews or from another competitor. In Franke sinks, scratching initially appears drastically on the polishing markings, but with the use of a patented cleaner like "Shiny Sinks" brightness of sink improves with time.

Q - What would be the best product to maintain a stainless steel sink?

A - For the Maintenance of Stainless steel Sink, it is recommended to use Franke Inox Cream. With an Inox cream and a Scotch BRITE pad, you can easily blend scratches into the surface. Inox cream forms a protective coating on the sink to make it easier to drain the water.

Q - How can the rust spots be removed from a stainless steel sink?

A - Franke uses high-quality chrome-nickel steel that is incapable of corroding or rusting in normal household conditions. However, it is possible when the harbour ferrous particles come from the water supply. This usually only happens with new installations when the pipework is disturbed.

These filings cling onto the sink surface and will rust unless they are cleaned. In this case, Franke recommends cleaning the sink thoroughly with the product called ‘Cif’.

Apply it with a soft cloth to the sink and clean it in a circular motion till the particles are removed completely. Dry the Sink thoroughly after cleaning otherwise they will return.

Keep on applying Cif on daily bases till the problem is solved and several days after to make sure all the particles are removed. Sometimes you may find that the problem is obstinate and it may take many attempts to restore the sink to its pristine condition. For any information, ‘Cif’ is easily available in supermarkets.

Q - What’s the best way to clean a stainless steel sink?

A - Marks and discolouration on stainless steel occur due to the water-borne deposits clinging to its surface. One of the best ways to clean stainless steel is to use a proprietary product such as shiny sinks and they can be used daily. You can get shiny sinks from hardware stores and supermarkets.