Dovre High Efficiency Solid Fuel Stoves

Dovre High Efficiency Solid Fuel Stoves

Dovre High Efficiency Solid Fuel Stoves

High-efficiency stoves are becoming a popular substitute for a traditional home heating solution for efficient and impressive heat outputs. Multi-fuel stoves are capable of burning both wood and solid fuel. The Dovre high-efficiency solid fuel stoves come in different sizes and heat outputs to meet most house heating needs. Selection of single or double doors, black or coloured, traditional or modern, inset or freestanding gives you the freedom to buy the best stove for your style and home. A multi-fuel stove burns down the fuel that is easily accessible at any time.
Dovre offers one of the largest portfolios of high-efficiency solid fuel stoves rigorously tested against the strict UK and European clean heating and safety standards. Dovre range of wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves equipped with cutting edge technology features like Dovre Airwash System to offer clean burn and unparalleled heat efficiency. The Airwash system converts the combustion gasses and smoke into less harmful ones to reduce the carbon footprint. The advanced flame technology delivers superb flame effects with exceptional heat output to warm up the room quickly. With Remarkable burning efficiency of A and A+ rating, Dove solid fuel stoves offer both ideal fit for smoke control areas and economical solution for a longer run. Dovre high-efficiency stoves feature external air supply that ensures room’s air is not used in combustion by drawing air from the outside environment.
Dovre has designed all wood and multi-fuel stoves to burn cleanly to meet the 2022 Ecodesign air quality standards. They employ advanced technology to limit the carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and other particulates for a perfect heating solution for Smoke control urban areas.

Key features

Following are the key features of Dovre multi-fuel stoves:

  • High quality cast iron construction
  • Multi-fuel Airwash system
  • Ecodesign ready for a clean burn
  • Choice of colour matched enamel flue pipe for a coordinated design
  • Powerful heat output range: 2.7 - 10kW
  • Delivers high efficiency heating up to 83%
  • Choice of top or rear flue exit
  • Flue diameter: 150mm
  • Maximum log length: 40cm
  • Stove weight: 130kg
  • gas and electric versions are also available
  • Energy efficiency class: A+

Eco Design Ready Multi-stoves

MultiFuel Stoves manufactured to meet the product with minimum efficiency criteria to burn down the coal, wood and other solid fuels with minimum particulate matter and harmful gas emission. The heat generated varies with the fuel type and its burning. Eco-design ready multi-fuel stoves cut down particulate emission by 90% in an open fire and up to 80% in older model stoves.

Contemporary and Modern Multi-Fuel Stoves

Contemporary and modern multi-fuel stoves come in a wide range of stoves equipped with advanced controls and features. Multi-stoves consume both wood and smokeless coal.

Double-Sided Multi-Fuel Stoves

Double-sided multi-fuel stoves are available in both modern and traditional designs. Their freestanding models with tape burners are in vogue to light up the living space and décor. They are perfect for crucial showcases or for instantaneously heating two rooms that share a central flue system.

Cassette Multi-Fuel Stoves

Dovre collection of Multi-Fuel Stoves gives you the perfect option of heating room in a modern way. They extend a glossy and efficient design that saves the space in the room and do not need a constructed fireplace.

Inset Multi-Fuel Stoves

Inset multi-fuel stoves are the perfect solution for space-saving and installed into domestic fireplace conditions that permit fires in the conventional fireplace establishment. They provide terrific heat output and better efficiency than a standard fireplace.