Dovre CE Approved and Smoke Control Stoves

Dovre CE Approved and Smoke Control Stoves

Dovre CE Approved and Smoke Control Stoves

Many big towns and cities located in the Smoke control areas the list of these areas in the UK can be download from Defra website. Smoke control areas were announced by the Clean Air Act of 1956-1968 to combat the increasing pollution from the domestic and industry radiation. Range of high-efficiency stoves with advanced technology features heating the home without emitting any smoke or harmful gasses into the environment. Dovre range of wood-burning, multi-fuel, and gas stoves are the perfect heating solution for smoke control areas.

Dovre Wood Burning Stoves

Dovre wood burning stoves come with CE approved marks that imply all stoves strictly tested according to approved DEFRA standards. Wood being the safer fuel for the environment to the extent of carbon dioxide emitted into the ambience is same as absorbed by the tree in growth. The wood fuel is obtained from the agricultural estate and planted forest also a renewable resource. It provides twice the output of newly demolished wood and avoids a stockpile of asphalt in the flue.

Dovre Solid Fuel Stoves

Dovre Solid Fuel stoves burn hard coal and smokeless industrial fuels with limited smoke emission. It is not safe to burn bituminous coal or petroleum established fuels with Dovre solid fuel stoves. The Dovre solid fuel stoves designed to provide better heat output to heat the room, quickly. The integrated cutting edge technology features and controls give even better control and convenience of use.

Dovre Gas Stoves

Dovre gas stoves come with natural gas, LPG, and varying on the model, contain highly realistic coal, and log effect fire. They are highly efficient such as manual procedures. They came up with the choice to update any standard remote that permits the aviator to control heat glow remained struck by hand and a programmable remote with extra thermostatic and device controls.

Dovre Electric stoves

Dovre electric stoves are easy to install and very safe to operate. All versions of Dovre high-efficiency electric stoves feature distinctive Veriflame with low energy LED radiance and a hand-tinted fuel bed to create the most authentic virtual fireplace effects. A remote control gives the convenience to regulate the heater output and flame speed for preferred settings.

Multi-fuel Stoves

Multi-fuel stoves give the flexibility to burn both wood and smokeless fuel and are an incredibly cost-effective way of heating your home. They save your money on heating in the winter months and countless central opinions for your home.