Dovre Airwash Stoves - What is Airwash in Stoves?

Dovre Airwash Stoves - What is Airwash in Stoves?

Dovre AirWash Stove

Dovre stoves come with conventional and contemporary designs of Freestanding Defra approved cast iron high-end quality Stoves. Cast iron holds several benefits such as stability, better heart retaining and durability, manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and texture. Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves give clean burn technology to enhance burning efficiency and maintain the environment. Dovre gas stoves are available with the efficiency of 80% and contain credible fuel effects. You can control it at the switch of a button on the optional remote control. Airwash stoves designed to clean the burning air down by fetching from the upper side and blows it over the stove window area. A White or Grey coloured mist formed on the Stoves glass front cleanable with a wet paper and towel once stove cools down. The Airwash System by Dovre gives you optimum cleaning of your Woodburning & Multifuel stove to enjoy the beautiful flames to their full potential. Stoves without air wash obtain asphalt dumped on the glass.

Benefits of Having an Air Wash System on A Wood Stove 

The benefits of having a wood-burning stove with an air wash system consist of

  • It can bring down the requirement to clean the glass frequently on the stove door. 
  • You can enjoy the infernos via clear glass during the fire.  
  • The clean pan of the glass prevents a stove looking nice while it is not in use. 
  • The air wash systems avoid dumping dust on the glass front. 
  • It is easy to clean the glass front with wet paper or with a towel.