What you should know about Ceramic Sinks

What you should know about Ceramic Sinks

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Blanco Ceramic Sinks

Q - What are the characteristic features of a ceramic sink?


A - BLANCO manufactures its ceramic sinks from natural unrefined resources & materials as well while utilizing the long-established artistry. Each and every ceramic sink is unique and matchless in itself;hence, it is out of the question that BLANCO can pass up even the slightest tolerances in dimensions and colours.


Q - How strong is a ceramic sink?


A - Every single one of the BLANCO CERAMIC sinks have an extremely tough and well-built crust due to their exceptional production procedures. Their surface and build is well-known for being able to withstand against the scrapings, slice & dice and collisions that may occur in use. Conversely, if an extremely solid and weighty article does fall on the surface of these ceramic sinks from a distance then you may notice some damage done to them.


Q - Are ceramic sinks easy to look after?


A - It is very simple and easy to take care of BLANCO CERAMIC sinks. The exteriors of these ceramic sinks are exceptionally solid, level and impenetrable & airtight. All these qualities indicate that dust is incapable of making its way into these sinks; therefore all that is needed to clean them is just wiping down any dust from the surface.


Q - What happens if acids come into contact with the ceramic sink?


A - You don’t need to worry about that as all BLANCO ceramic sinks due to their solid surface are hard wearing against standard household cleaning acids and lyes. 


Q - Are ceramic sinks heat resistant?


A - Ceramic sinks are exceptionally defiant to high temperature; therefore, they are not influenced by ordinary kitchen heats.


Q - Are ceramic sinks food-safe?


A - BLANCO put all of its ceramic sinks into trials to ensure that they are safe to be used with food. These ceramic sinks use PuraPlus which ensures that they continue to be appearing as new as at the first glance for a long time. Thus the extraordinary PuraPlus makes these sinks water-resistant enabling their surface to fight the deposits from being stains (e.g. lime scale) and decreases the staining and chances of getting infected with bacteria & germs.


Q -Can the colour change over time?


A - All the BLANCO ceramic sinks are lightfast, therefore you will notice no discoloration of your ceramic sink whether it is directly exposed to the sunlight or you perform the usual household kitchen tasks, no damage will be done to it. This indicates that you can get your sink installed in front of your kitchen window. On the other hand, if there is a gradual build up of limescale deposits on your ceramic sink then probably it may cause discoloration. If you are facing this situation, then either you can use wine vinegar or BLANCOANTIKALK, which are very effectual to remove these residues.


Q -What is PuraPlus® ?


A - PuraPlus® is a unique water-resistant covering/shield that makes the surface of the ceramic sinks smooth and even, thus making the water plainly run down the surface. The smooth surface of these ceramic sinks never let the deposits of dust and limescale settle upon them therefore making it very easy to clean these sinks.


Q -How are ceramic sinks cleaned?


A - BLANCO Ceramic sinks prevent debris from build up like the limescale and decreases the tints all thanks to their water-repulsive surface All you need for the routine cleansing of these sinks is a silky-smooth, moist cloth and a bland detergent/cleanser. Once you get rid of the tough marks like metal stains while using a scour to clean, then use a regular household common kitchen cleaner like ‘Cif’ with soft cloth, soft cleaning brush or a soft kitchen cleaning towel. Bio-Boy, BLANCOANTIKALK and VIS (JIF) are very useful to remove difficult stains like limescale and metallic tinges. While, to rejuvenate the sinks with Pura-Plus® finish cleaning them with BLANCO Pura-Plus® Liquid.