Bette Steel Enamelled Baths - Best Ranges for Small & Large Bathrooms by Banyo

Bette Steel Enamelled Baths - Best Ranges for Small & Large Bathrooms by Banyo

Best Ranges of Bette Steel Enamelled baths

Best Ranges of Bette Baths for Small & Large Bathrooms

Bette has collected numerous awards and recognitions for the fabulous line of bathroom products. The secret behind the years of success is the innovative shapes, beautiful textures, superior quality materials and exclusive practical features. With outstanding aesthetic value and luxurious functionality, Bette team of designers are committed to making each product easy to use, to fit perfectly for everyday use.
Bette manufactures its products at the company's site at Delbruck. The sophisticated production methods and perfect craftsmanship ensure the best results. The glazed titanium steel combination of industrial skills brings in an unmistakable personality to the final products. The company employs an advanced thermoforming process to create unique bath shapes with extraordinary precision. The variety of choices of colours and dimensions let the customer design their bathroom with great flexibility.
Bette uses glass and steel to manufacture its products. Both are naturally occurring and 100% recyclable. They manufacture the complete range of Bette products at company-owned sites in Delbruck ensuring, lasting value and unrivalled resilience. The company owned electricity resources used for covering more than two-thirds of their total energy consumption. No harmful chemicals or solvents are used in the manufacturing process to make it safe for the environment.
Bette uses premium quality material that is further refined through sophisticated processes and patented enamel glazing. The end products passed through multiples checks before the final release. The smooth glazed surfaces are not only to touch but also robust and remain beautiful even after years of daily use.
Bette enamelled steel baths crafted from a single sheet of titanium steel moulded into ultra-smooth, curves and shapes. The sophisticated production plants and expert craftsmanship are behind the clean, crisp lines, and sleek edges. They work with world-renowned designers to produce remarkable bath design with no compromise on practical features, making them a perfect fit for contemporary bathroom designs. The sturdy nature of stainless steel construction and Bette enamel glazing protects the bath surface against impact, abrasive chemicals and high temperatures, very easy to clean and hygienic.
Bette range of glazed titanium steel baths, made from 3.5 thick-single sheets are relatively lightweight with the same degree of strength. The sturdy nature of stainless steel construction makes them less susceptible to the degree of movement when used as a shower bath.

Bette Hip Bath

Bette Hip
Bette Hip baths with stepped interior shape are best to provide utmost comfort to the people with challenged mobility. You can combine them with footrest and neck support to further enhance comfort. When looking to design the bathroom for mobility challenged, the Bette Hip Bath is the ideal choice.
Bette Hip Installation
Bette Hip bath manufactured with Bette Glaze® coating as standard makes it extra resilient against scratches, abrasive chemicals and high temperatures. You can use regular household products for daily cleaning and maintenance. The patented Bette Glaze® coating is UV resistant, so you can enjoy the non-fading colours even when installed in direct sunlight. All sizes of Bette hip baths constructed using 2.3mm thick steel plates keeping it lightweight and super sturdy.
Bette Hip Size Choices
The choice of Bette Hip Super Steel Bath 1050 x 650mm, Bette Hip Super Steel Bath 1180 x 730mm sizes give the flexibility to fit in most bathroom spaces. Each Bette bath backed with a 30-year manufacturer warranty safeguarding the best customer experience.

Benefits of installing a Bette steel enamelled bath?

Designer look

The Shiny, smooth surface and precise curves and edges give steel baths a unique designer finish. The sheen and glow of the titanium steel surface remain fresh for longer than an acrylic bath.

Heat retentions

The steel enamelled baths can retain the heat longer than other bath materials promising perfection for a long soak. You can enjoy your bath without needing to top up hot water again and again.

Eco-friendly production

Steel is a naturally occurring material and 100% recyclable, making them no threat to the environment. When the bath life comes to an end, it can be recycled again, and used in new bath construction.

Quiet in use

The sturdy nature of stainless steel material keeps the bath in place when used as a shower bath, with a degree of movement, it is not affected.

Sturdy and reliable

The Bette enamelled stainless steel baths with superior quality Bette Glazing make them exceptionally reliable and sturdy. Their smooth surface does not get scratched or affected by abrasive cleaning chemicals. The bathtub does not get chipped or broken and retains the shine for the years of use.

Cleaning Recommendations

Bette steel enamelled baths fashioned from high-quality titanium steel are exceptionally robust with a high degree of durability. Still, recommended avoiding using cleaning agents with strong chemicals and acids. Do not use hard sponges and brushes as they may harm the glazed surface. Always use a soft loofah and gentle cleaning products. Do not leave soap and cleaning chemicals on the surface for a prolonged time as they may affect the surface glow. The Bette Hip baths with additional BetteGlaze finish are super smooth and unfavourable to the microbial growth. The non-porous surface makes cleaning and maintenance super easy. The glazed surface makes the water droplets slip away to prevent limescale deposits.

Repairing Bette Steel Enamelled Bath

Bette steel enamelled baths are reliable and durable and promise the years of luxurious functionality. Your steel enamelled bath may rarely break if something heavy hits the surface with great force. For such situations, Bette offers an enamel lacquer comprising curing plastic mixture in choice of colour. You can apply the Lacquer to the broken area in as many layers as required to fill in the breakage. Leave the bath untouched till its dried and cured.