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Shower Accessories

Banyo is a leading retailer known to bring the greatest assortment of Shower Accessories for your contemporary and old-style washrooms. The dissimilarity between an inordinate bathroom and your imaginary bathroom is all in the diminutive details. At Banyo, we work hard to bring you a range of Bathroom accessories that give you all the choice you need to create your perfect bathroom. We make sure you experience a safe purchase with us. To get these Bathroom Suites with fastest delivery services, visit today.

Hand Showers

From £11.59
111 item(s)

Slider Kits

From £12.82
132 item(s)

Shower Heads

From £30.00
150 item(s)

Shower Arms

From £15.48
24 item(s)

Shower Wastes

From £0.00
0 item(s)

Body Jets

From £12.00
12 item(s)

Shower Hose

From £9.60
22 item(s)

Soap Dishes

From £4.11
6 item(s)


From £8.45
50 item(s)

Electric Control Panels

From £885.76
2 item(s)

2 Item(s)

per page

2 Item(s)

per page