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Corner Toilets

Corner Toilets

Corner Toilets

Very few of the homeowners have the luxury of enjoying a large bathroom, while a majority has to make most out of the small spaces of their bathrooms. But they can now easily maximize even the limited spaces of the bathrooms by utilizing the revolutionary small bathroom ideas. There is no denial of the fact that in a bathroom a toilet is one of the most important items. So, when it comes to the small bathroom designs one of the best options is to go for the corner toilets, as these modern toilets with their compact style are particularly designed to save maximum space in your small bathrooms. These compact toilets though small in appearance, are highly functional and stylish as manufactured from high-quality and long-lasting materials, offer easy installation and cleaning along with highly affordable prices.

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Bathroom Corner toilets

To Start With

If you have a smaller bathroom or cloakroom and want to maximise the amount of space you have available, you could consider installing a corner toilet. These brilliant items are cleverly designed to allow you to keep the amount of space you have at a premium by having the pan point away from the corner to the free walking space in a bathroom. They feature a cistern that is triangular shaped at the back which enables it to be effortlessly fitted into the corner of a bathroom. They could be the ideal solution if you have a small guest bathroom or a cloakroom as they will allow more room to fit a shower or basin without the setting feeling too cramped.

Easy to install?

Very easy to install for a qualified plumber, in fact not much different to fitting a standard close coupled toilet as the basic concept of them is pretty much the same. Corner toilets merely as the name suggests fit into the corner of the bathroom where two walls meet rather than a straight wall and the cistern is therefore triangular to sit tightly into the space. Other than this there is no difference between this being fitted and a usual toilet.